Lore for Dummies part 4.5 – Corpus

Lore for Dummies part 4.5 - Corpus

Remember the goat that Kestrel killed? For some reason there were rumors that the goat had come back to life and was terrorizing the land. Perhaps a surge of excess magic from Julia’s death latched onto his body and hungered for revenge. It drained the corpses of animals and left strange symbols in fields. The fearful people in towns and cities all over started banding together in an attempt to stop it, but their efforts were futile.

Corpus was an April Fool’s hero that SEMC teased us with. The community rallied behind the goat after the Ardan lore was released, so the devs played along. From his spotlight, he would have been able to put all nearby heroes to sleep, apply mortal wounds, gouge and stick to enemy heroes, make the enemies turn on their allies, and have shop items in each tier specific to him that only amplified his power. Luckily for us, this hero was only a rumor. But he is a treasured part of the lore to fans!

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