Ability Breakdown: Celeste

Do you know what day it is? It’s Thursday. That means it’s ability breakdown time. The most requested hero for the second edition of Ability Breakdown was Celeste. SHOCKER!!!   Julia’s Light Celeste’s heroic perk┬ácan be broken down into 2 different parts to understand easily. Whenever Celeste basic attacks, she deals the base damage of 65-115 + a 75% crystal ratio. This part of the perk allows Celeste to actually

Breakdown Of Patch Notes 1.19

One of the biggest missing things in Vainglory was the ability to analyze and truly understand each and every change that occurs in Vainglory every update. SEMC simply listed the changes, and sometimes gives a brief one sentence explanation of why they did it, but never explaining or analyzing in depth the changes that are actually going to happen. Here at VainRank, we will be doing our best to analyze