Off The Fold: Nemesis Titan

Off The Fold: Nemesis Titan

Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog. Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? Somehow a team be better at a sport almost makes it feel as though they are less relatable to us, the viewers. We gain ownership of these underdog teams and we are a part of their unbelievable success. Unfortunately, most of the time there isn’t an underdog that comes from behind to win. That’s why they are the underdog. So too was the Live Finals story for our second team of the Off the Fold series: Team Nemesis Titan.

Team Nemesis is not a new face in the slightest to the Vainglory Esports arena. They have boasted great teams like the now Cloud 9 team, Nemesis Hydra. Though they have been around, the sole group that represented them in this seasons Live Finals was a group thrown together only a few weeks prior to the event. DragonDagger, the captain and Jungler of Nemesis Titan, let me know the story of how this team was brought together to compete in the Vainglory Invitation Series (VIS): Challenger Series with only a couple weeks left in the second split. Although a live finals veteran, having gone to the Autumn Finals, he hadn’t been back to them since that time last year.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.17.34 AM
Riesgo (left), DragonDagger(center), Gaspy (right)

“We were very surprised,” he related about the final 2 weeks of the Challenger Series. “that we were able to win so many games in the Challenger Series and make it to the Live Finals. I was playing the best Glaive of my life at the time. They joked that I was the ‘Best Glaive NA'”. Accompanied by support Riesgo (Roam) and Gaspy (Lane), he felt the fact that they made it out of the VIS was an accomplishment in it’s own.

It’s fun to talk to these players and hear that they don’t only achieve a lot on the fold, but do a lot in their daily lives. DragonDagger expressed to me how his goal is to become a police officer in the area where he lives. That he, currently 22, is going to school and helps take care of his siblings. He was very passionate about his dream to become a officer and said that he enjoyed the hands on experience of helping people. The decision to become a cop wasn’t easy, especially because the area where he lives is close to Los Angeles, California. Known for being one of the most difficult areas to become a police officer.

I wasn’t able to interview the other players on the team, but they were still fun to watch. With Gaspy, for example, you can see that he plays with a lot of passion and that he really has a spirit to win. When it came down to it though, the lack of experience playing together compared to these other teams that have been around longer was what defeated them. It was Gaspy’s first time battling on the live stage. It was even his first time flying on a plane to get there. Riesgo has been around Team Nemesis for a while and also competed with Team nemesis a year ago in the Autumn Live Finals.

Team Nemesis has had the benefit of a long standing team to always lean on. The core of Hardek and LostBoyToph have made 4 straight final 4 appearances in the Live Finals. Now with that team moving onto Cloud 9, Team Nemesis Titan looks to stand as the new top of the Totem Pole and carry the Nemesis name forward.

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