Off The Fold: Ardent Aurora

Off The Fold: Ardent Aurora

In this series we talk about the pro players that made it to the live finals. We will cover each of the 8 teams and their players to help the community get to know more about the best Vainglory players in North America and what the Live Finals is like in person. 

Within the Vainglory Community, there are many types of players. There are casual players, high tiered players, people who want to be competitive and can’t get over tier 7, trolls, and much more. The most fascinating players in the community are the Vainglory pro players, the players who have made it to the top of the food chain and reign over tournaments like the Evil Eight and VIS Pro League. Some of these players are long standing players and some are very new to the scene. Either way they come, they are great players with wonderful skill and gameplay mechanics.

The question for most people is, what are they actually like outside of the Fold? Some players have fandoms for things that they do like finger workouts or amazing hair. Fortunately for me I was able to go to the Live Finals and talk to many of the players. I got to know more about them and what they are like outside of the game, being able to ask questions like advice for future pros and tips on how to play better in general. In the upcoming week, we will cover each team individually and talk about the players that make them up and a little about their history as a team. Today we will be starting with an up and coming team: Ardent Aurora.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.46.12 PM
Yazaru3 (left), WizardSibs (center), Poli5208 (right)

Aurora was the first team to play on both Days 1 and 2. They were beaten out both days, but put up a great fight on Day 2 against Phoenix Reborn and taking that series to a third round. This was in big part to some great Phinn play by Poli5208, the roam for Ardent Aurora. After the series I was able to talk to Poli and ask him some questions about how he was feeling and getting to know him a little bit. To be honest, I was expecting a little bit of tilt from the 15 year old after getting kicked out of the tournament. I don’t say that in any offense to him, but I think Cam Newton (the Quarterback of the Carolina Panthers who lost this past SuperBowl) would back up his case for not being in the best of moods after getting defeated. Upon talking to Poli, I found that he was very light hearted and easy to talk to. There seemed to be no frustration and we had a great conversation.

I asked him how it felt to be a pro Vainglory player at the age of 15 to which he responded, “It feels pretty cool [to be a pro player]. My friends think it’s really cool. They rushed home to watch me play”. Never having played any other MOBAs before, Poli is in a similar situation as many of the other players that are starting Vainglory and shows that through hard work and time dedication that anyone can make it to this point. He talked highly of his teammates WizardSibs (jungler) and Yazaru3 (lane). This team was brought together originally as Sweet & Sour and then acquired by Team Ardent.

The part of the interview which interested me the most was when StartingAllOver (the 13 year old laner for Phoenix Reborn) came over to talk to Poli. He walked across the players lounge with arms open and said to Poli, “Do you still love me, man?” and gave the Aurora roam a big hug. They joked for a little and you could see there were no hard feelings between the two competitors in the slightest. The series that had just taken place moments before was just a good fight between two friends. Many people wonder how the players react after games and if there is tension in the background after each elimination game. I can say that there was none from what I saw. Poli and StartingAllOver was a testament to that.

Aurora put up some great fights and I would expect to see them more in the future. NickyTsunami, the business manager for Ardent and a very nice guy, explained that after Ardent Alliance became TSM it gave them a moment where they were able to look around the scene again and start up some new players. He was very happy about where Aurora ended up and was all smiles over the weekend. I think we all feel very good about their future and hope to see more Ardent in the future.

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