Off Meta Gaming League

Off Meta Gaming League

Fellow Vainglory Community

We are here because we are excited to tell you about the new league  known as the Off Meta Gaming League. The OMG league is a separate league intended for competitive players from every skill tier. One may ask how could that be possible as the best of the best will just team up with each other. Due to the draft that is held at the beginning of every season, this is no longer a concern. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s discuss the league from the beginning.


The Leadership of Off Meta Gaming is made up of six members, each fulfilling a role but all being in a state of equality.

Finch32 Remind him not to text and drive
nitemare var X = IT Knowledge; let nitemare = X + X
LAKO Draws better than stick figures
PeleLua Mad Scientist Without Coffee
Skillz4Killz Whispers that make your soul at peace
iWon Winner of Everything


There are five positions in the league known as Captains, Team members, Scout Team Captain, Scout Team Members and Casual. Leadership handpicks Captains, that have a great base of knowledge of the game, as well as a great personality and willingness to help fellow guildmates by teaching in the practices that are offered daily. Once these captains are picked and assigned their own team, with each team having its own logo, the draft can begin. Team Members are the players picked in the draft to be assigned to each team. Scout Team Captains are the captains of the Scout Teams that will be explained in much more detail below. Scout Team Members are the members of the scout teams. Casual is for the casual players that have no current interest in competing. Currently, the OMG League is in its first season as of June 22nd, 2016.

If you wish to see some of the Interviews done of the Captains of Off Meta Gaming League in Season 1, please watch the links provided below.

IAmEbok of Team Sinister
AbigailE of Team Jesters
Vensai of Team Vipers
CubanCuisine of Team Molten
playlover1 of Team Librae

Shadowz808 of Team Overlords

IconicMysT of Team Ignition

The League is also open to applicants for the second season as well. The current deadline to sign up for the draft for the second season of the league is August 31st, 2016 11:59 PM EST. From September 1st-14th, will be known as the scouting period. Captains are granted the information that was submitted in the draft applications. With this data, they will begin scouting players. This is where the captains will be looking into players closely by contacting them to play some games and talking on discord to get to know these players better. This is your personal interview, be yourself and be honest. Captains don’t just look for highest tiers. Already, some captains have stated they don’t want certain tier 9 players because of their inability to take criticism. Personality is a big thing captains are looking for; a desire to learn, a willingness to work hard to improve, and a non-toxic style of play. On draft day in the first season of the OMG League, a tier 3 player was picked in the first round of the draft. This just goes to show that anyone and everyone who shows the desire to learn, improve, have fun, and win together have a great chance at getting drafted. Once the scouting period is over, on September 14th, the draft will take place and will be streamed. The draft will give a random order to captains to pick. The first captain will pick their first pick and then the second captain will pick their first pick. This will go on until the captains have all made their first picks. Once the first picks are done, the draft will go in reverse order where the captain who was given the last choice in their first pick will now get the first pick of the second round of the draft. This means that the first captain who picked first will now be picking last. This method is known as the serpentine draft. This method will be used to try to keep the draft as fair as possible.

If you would like to see how the draft was done for season one of the league please watch the link provided below.

OMG League Season One Draft Day

If you wish, please follow or subscribe to the OMG streamers to be kept up to date with all the streams of drafts, interviews, matches, awards ceremony and much more to come.



If you wish to be an OMG streamer or a shout caster please comment below with your stream channel link and a schedule of when you are available to stream or shout cast, and I will forward your request to the HR department.

Once the draft is completed, the teammates that were drafted will be moved to the respective guilds where the team captain is. This is because there will be 4 IN GAME guilds although on Band, discord, and vainrank we are one guild family. However, Vainglory does not allow guilds to have more than 50 members so it must be split up. These guilds will be known as the league guilds and will have members filling in every season after the draft. Once the season is over, these members are moved out of the league guilds back into the casual guilds only to start the draft once again. Once the drafting is completed, the teams have time to practice together, play together, rank together so that they may bond together and form a synergy. Shortly afterward will begin what is known as the Regular Season. This is where each team plays a set number of times so that we can build a standing of team wins and losses. Sort of like any sports franchise standings. A win or a loss is determined by getting 2 out 3 wins in each match. Matches will be played in Draft Mode. These standings will then be used to determine the seeding for the playoffs. Suppose a team went 20 wins and 0 losses in the Qualifiers, they will be Seed 1 playing against the lowest seed. This implies that even if you lose every game in the regular season you still make it to the playoffs and can actually win the playoffs. It would just mean a much harder road to winning. The better you do during the regular season makes the road to winning the playoffs easier. Once the league is completed and the winner is determined, the award ceremony will take place. This ceremony will also be streamed and players in the entire league and the casual portion will be selected to earn rewards depending on their performance in the league or in the background.

Here is an image showing the team names and logos of all the current teams of OMG.

OMG Team Names And Logos

Currently, since there are only 12 teams, we have 2 League guilds known as OMG Supernova and OMG Andromeda. Maybe I am biased by Supernova>Andromeda all day, every day. 🙂 If you have suggestions for logo ideas please let us know below and I will send them to our designer LAKO who draws better than stick figures. 

The Casual guilds are known as OMG Zephyr, OMG Terra, and OMG Oceanic. Although we currently plan to have a limit of 4 League guilds with 32 teams, the casual guilds will always be open to an unlimited amount of players. Everyone is welcome to join as long as they have the ability to use draft mode. This is because of the daily tutoring practices that are held by the high tiered players to help the lower tiers learn and improve as well as provide a conduit for Captains to meet the players.

In case you wish to see the effects of those practices on the players of OMG since its foundation up till the last week of Spring season, please have a look at the pictures below. The table shows a number value calculated by taking the 10 skill tiers of Just Beginning to Vainglorious and the 3 sub tiers of each of those skill tiers with a value of 1. Therefore the highest value possible is 30. With this is mind, a 25 value in skill tier is Pinnacle of Awesomeness Bronze. A skill tier of Hotness Gold has a value of 21. Using this system we tracked the growth of all the players of Off Meta Gaming.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.48.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.49.14 PM


From a sample base of 87 members that joined the Off Meta Gaming guilds since its foundation up to the end of Spring Season, we discovered 49 players had improved in their skill tiers. To see how big the improvements are you can view the tables above. 14 players remained at the same skill tier after joining OMG. 4 players had an overall decrease of skill tier after joining OMG. Unfortunately, 20 of the players were undeterminable as their records were not saved in the beginning when they joined.

In order to understand what Scout Team Captains and Scout Team Members are, we need to understand what a scout team is. A scout team is a team that is specifically assigned to a captain. These teams are not picked by captains but instead are assigned by leadership to a captain. Each scout team is made up of players that did not get selected in the draft and still wish to be on the scout team, or made of players in the pool of people who signed up for the league after the deadline of August 31st. Or lastly, for the players who did not want to be competitive at first, but when they saw how the league played out they became interested. So instead of waiting a whole season to participate they can join a scout team. The scout teams are very important because this is your time to meet the captains, get to know them and impress them. If they see this person as really impressive, the likelihood that you get drafted next season goes up a lot. Each scout team will have a Scout Team Captain who will be responsible for the management of the team and will report to the assigned Captain. At the end of the season, these scout teams that were trained throughout the season will have a tournament. The winner of the scout teams will also be earning a reward. The Captain that was assigned the winning scout team will also earn a reward. As you have likely guessed the Scout Team Members are players assigned to each Scout Team. Casual is for the players that want to be in OMG, but do not wish to participate in the competitive portion. These players will be in casual guilds throughout the season but will be required to follow each and every rule, including the non-toxicity and activity rules. Even these players are able to win rewards at the end of the season, assuming of course they win.


Now after reading about the league and you are interested (I mean why wouldn’t you be) in joining, we will need some information from you. In order to be added to the list of players available for Team Captains to draft, or be a simple casual player, you will need to follow the links provided. Remember this information is anonymous so the only ones to see your answers will be leadership or captains as a way to select who to invite to the guild, and who to draft. Please fill out all answers to the form.

If you are an individual looking to join Off Meta Gaming, please continue reading below and you will find the appropriate links to apply and join us on Band. However if you are a guild leader, we also accept guilds as a whole to join Off Meta Gaming. We have had guilds join us previously to great success and we hope to do so again. However, this process is done by first letting the guild leaders into the hidden guild Band. There they may meet the guild members, captains, teams, mingle with everyone and see if it is a place that not only will be good for them but their guild as well. Also, this is the time that we as a guild meet you and see if you will be a good fit into Off Meta Gaming. We have our doors open to everyone that can see the visions and greatness of the future of Off Meta Gaming. Please contact one of the Leadership, if you wish to continue this conversation to bring your entire guild no matter if it is 2 or 200 people. We are most welcoming with open arms.

If you are interested in learning more about the League, please search Off Meta Community in Band and read the notices board for more information or just contact one of the leadership in band or comment below.

Off Meta Community Band

If you are already convinced and want to join this wonderful league and want to sign up for the draft or captain position, you are required to fill out a guild application first. Once accepted, you will be sent the links for both the draft and captain positions and you may fill whichever you wish, or neither if you simply wish to be a casual player.

OMG Application

Thank you for your time and interest!

OMG Leadership

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