Lore for Dummies Part 8 – SAW

Lore for Dummies Part 8 - SAW

We touched on SAW last week in Koshka’s spotlight, so this week it’s his turn!CDPDNduWYAM9xIE

SAW is a highly trained and a fairly mercenary soldier, using his skills to earn money instead of fighting for a cause. He trains himself by pummeling minions and pulling lane turrets back and forth, among other things, to keep himself in peak condition.

When he took on Koshka she pounced on him, ripping the sleeves from his shirt as seen in his artwork. He got her off him with a gunshot then laid his Suppressing Fire in the jungle in the area she had disappeared in. Assuming the job was done he forcefully took his payment from the villagers who had hired him.

SAW’s most challenging foe was not Koshka, however. It was a Churn-infected Leviathan he had faced in the past, probably a relative of the in-game Kraken. It had destroyed a city and SAW made a suicide run at it, climbing onto some nearby wreckage and blasting away at it with a giant machine gun he found in the city. He fired again and again into the face of the beast, eventually killing it.

SAW was sure that this was his last battle, since he was surrounded by flames and smoke from the destruction. At the last moment he was rescued by an airship with his new prize, the machine gun that he named Gracie. Now he uses her to rain fire and bullets all over the Fold, maybe seeking to finish the job with Koshka as well.

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