Lore for Dummies Part 3 – Catherine

Lore for Dummies Part 3 - Catherine

Catherine is a bit of an antiheroine in the lore. She rides the line between friend and foe for both the Storm Queen and Ardan’s family. Guilt and betrayal and regret all drive her.

Catherine grew up with the Storm Queen and Julia as a childhood friend. She was then trained as a Shield by the Stormguard, the elite personal female warriors of the Queen, and rose to the rank of Captain, training future Stormguard members herself.

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Catherine was ordered by the Storm Queen to kidnap Julia’s children and leave Julia alive. This did not sit well with her though, and she met with Julia in secret before the attack was to happen and warned her. Julia asked Catherine to kill her, because a mage is strongest at the point of their death. If Julia controlled the timing of her death she could protect her entire family, keeping her children away from her sister. Catherine reluctantly agreed.

J8vy7VYAt the time of the attack she waited as long as possible, giving Ardan and Julia the time they needed to fight back. But Kestrel and the other Stormguard grew impatient and leapt into battle before her signal. Catherine had no choice but to engage as well, and she killed Julia with a sword through her chest. However, along with Catherine’s attempts to delay the battle she also killed one of the Storm Queen’s ravens, the eyes and ears of the Queen, betraying her.

She left the Stormguard after these events, only to be found by them years later. By this time Catherine had abandoned her sword from her guilt at using it to kill Julia, using only her shield. Catherine rejoins the Stormguard, eventually leading them all in rebellion against the Queen. But the Queen has her own tricks planned for the remaining Stormguard….

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