Lore for Dummies Part 2 – Celeste and Vox

Lore for Dummies Part 2 - Celeste and Vox

Celeste and Vox are the magical twin children of Ardan and Julia. While they each have very different magics they work together to try to end the war their aunt started.

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They grew up in hiding until they were eighteen. For their birthday party, however, they grew careless. They climbed to the top of the Carnie Wheel to escape from their overprotective father. Thinking they were safe, Vox and Celeste both unleashed their magic on the people celebrating below, intending to make the party more fun with Vox’s sounds and Celeste’s lights. However, their moment of fun cost them dearly. Their magic revealed their location to the enemies hunting them, and accidentally tilted the wheel they were on, flinging them off. Celeste was sure they would die. She had flashbacks of a few moments of peace she had with her brother as they fell. They would have died but Ardan managed to Vanguard them to safety. He had been searching for them since he saw that the Stormguard had found them. They had to escape, but their enemies were all around them.

In the midst of the battle Vox took the sounds of everything that was happening, silencing the fight, and channeled it toward the enemies just like in his ult. They managed to fight off the Stormguard but their Gythian allies then wanted to take Celeste, to train her and have her lead them against the Storm Queen. Ardan protested at first, but Celeste tried to convince him to let her make that choice on her own. It took Vox channeling the echoes of Julia’s voice the night they lost her to remind Ardan of what they were fighting for, and he tearfully let his daughter go. Vox was slightly jealous, thinking his contributions were going unnoticed, but he also was ready to fight for his sister against the Storm Queen.

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