Lore for Dummies Part 11 – Ringo

Lore for Dummies Part 11 - Ringo

Since we covered a Carnie last week this week we will look at the other Carnie, the sharpshooter Ringo. Ringo lives in a world where magic thrives within the confines of the industrial city, and he puts on a show unlike any other while his fellow Carnies help themselves to the audience’s coinpurses. With his two guns, Faith and Reason, he never missed a target, no matter how small or fast (or how drunk he pretended to be for the performances).

But Ringo had a big mouth, a big attitude, and a teensy gambling problem. He frequently drank and gambled with coin tosses, cards, and dice. One day he irritated Glaive enough in a bar that Glaive made him…an offer he couldn’t refuse. One last gamble: for all of Glaive’s gold or Ringo’s gun. Ringo lost, but we can assume he tried to resist because Glaive took the gun, Faith, along with Ringo’s left arm.

Ringo was left with his right gun, Reason, and no job, trying to drink and gamble his pain away. Perhaps he is searching for revenge against the Grangor who stole his Faith, perhaps he’s just looking for the beer kegs. But even with one arm he’s still the best sharpshooter on the Fold.

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