Lore for Dummies Part 10 – Ozo

Lore for Dummies Part 10 - Ozo

This week the focus will be on Ozo. His lore doesn’t tell us anything about where he came from, it could be that he doesn’t know himself. We do know that he doesn’t have a mother, but whether she died or abandoned him is open to interpretation.

Ozo is a Carnie, like Ringo. His act includes his acrobat wheel, and he makes up stories for fun in a Carnie game called “Showoffin,” where the only rules are to not be boring and that every story is true. We see him play this with a little boy from the town and with Koshka, with Koshka having a bit more success than the boy. But Ozo is undoubtedly the best at this game, always having a bigger and better story to tell. We also see his competitive side with Koshka. They race around the festival, fight each other with imaginary powers, and see who can fit more fruits in their mouths.

His lighthearted, playful nature makes him a good fit with Koshka, whether they’re just friends or something more. I like to think they’ve bonded over their similar family backgrounds, being separated from their family and raised by a different group of people, and have a unique understanding with each other. Ozo is definitely a hero that needs more attention however, both on the Fold and off it, if only to fuel his larger-than-life personality.

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