Lore for Dummies Part 1 – Ardan

Lore for Dummies Part 1 - Ardan

Ardan, the sad dad himself. Ardan is where our overviews will begin. He is the father of Vox and Celeste and the widower of Julia, the sister of the Storm Queen. If you’ve been in a draft match you’ll know who the Storm Queen is, because she is the blind woman holding a raven in the background. She is the main villain of the lore.

The Storm Queen attacked Ardan and Julia using her Stormguard in what was supposed to be the kidnapping of Vox and Celeste. The family was alerted to the danger when the new goat Julia bought was suddenly silenced. The children hid while Julia and Ardan prepared to fight. Ardan had a specially engineered power suit that he used to defend his family, but in the rush to get it on he left his cannon arm off. This is why he has one bare arm in his art. Julia was a mage and she helped him fight with her magic even though it made him nauseous; since he was from the tech side instead of the magical people. He fought them off, punching an archer who is possibly Kestrel in the face and leaving a scar, but Catherine silenced him and he was unable to keep them out. They captured Julia and he had to make a decision between saving his wife and saving his children. He chose his children. But just before Julia died she sent out one last blast of magic to her husband which we see in his heroic perk, which lets him heal over time.maxresdefault (3)

Ardan then flees with his toddler children and raises them by himself, although they certainly don’t make it easy for him. On the way out they also see that it was an archer who killed the goat, with one arrow to the throat. What’s the significance? Check back in the future to find out!


  1. Great read. I can finally know what my guildmates talk about now and plus how vox and ardan in game sounds make so much more sense now


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