Lore for Dummies 5 – Alpha

Lore for Dummies 5 - Alpha

Alpha, also known as Daisy when she was alive, was the childhood friend of Kestrel. They were both trained in the Stormguard, with Kestrel being one year older. Kestrel took on a bit of a sisterly role, helping Daisy learn to manage the pain from being hit by counting them, something Alpha remembered in her resurrection.

Daisy was killed by Krul. She fought well, but the undead soldier overcame her and broke her neck, tossing her body down an empty Halcyon well. Her body was found by the Storm Queen’s people, and used by a dwarf scientist to create the weapon that she is, specifically designed to target the former members of the Stormguard after their betrayal and defection to Celeste. The two members of the Stormguard who returned to the Queen were the first to be killed by Alpha as a test, soon followed by six of the women who did leave the Storm Queen that Alpha tracked down.

Catherine and Kestrel survived their run-in with her, barely. Kestrel damaged Alpha’s orientation hardware as well as her neck and leg joints with her arrows, causing Alpha to walk with a limp and with her head at an unnatural angle now. But Kestrel recognized her as Daisy by the counting of each hit and tried to reach her friend. They were able to speak for a few moments, Daisy still traumatized and incoherent from her death and revival. Unfortunately, the programming rebooted Alpha in Daisy’s place, and Kestrel and Catherine had to flee, Alpha following close behind, determined to fulfill her mission to eliminate all the Stormguard.

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