Ability Breakdown

Ability Breakdown: Alpha

Searching…Searching….Searching…Winner Found!!! Here it is folks, the most asked for this week was Alpha. Infinite Reboot This perk is actually very well described in the game. A lot of the things to know about it are already written there. When Rebooting starts you will see Alpha’s health bar a slightly darker shade. During this time, you are unable to do anything. Although it is not a long amount of time,

Ability Breakdown: Glaive

It’s Thursday!! Ability Breakdown time The votes are in, and the winner is Glaive. Hunt The Weak Glaive’s Heroic Perk┬ámay seem weak compared to others but it is quite a great perk. The fact that he can cleave in a 4-meter cone in front of him whenever he does a critical strike is amazing. Effect: Attacking in a 4-meter cone means that he can do area of effect(AOE) damage every

Ability Breakdown: Celeste

Do you know what day it is? It’s Thursday. That means it’s ability breakdown time. The most requested hero for the second edition of Ability Breakdown was Celeste. SHOCKER!!!   Julia’s Light Celeste’s heroic perk┬ácan be broken down into 2 different parts to understand easily. Whenever Celeste basic attacks, she deals the base damage of 65-115 + a 75% crystal ratio. This part of the perk allows Celeste to actually

Ability Breakdown: Vox

This will be a series of understanding abilities starting with Vox and working backwards. Why backwards? Because it’s cool to be Off Meta.   Heroic Perk: Julias Song: The heroic perk can be broken down into a few different key points to know and understand. It allows Vox to mark any and all enemies in its range with Resonance. Note, Vox’s heroic perk is his only ability with a crystal