Full Tilt Vainglory

Tilting is the bane of all players and teams grinding ranked queue. It quite often leads to rant posts on forums about the matchmaker and stories about dropping from X tier to Y tier. Understanding what tilt is, the difference between tilt and losing, and how to prevent and escape tilt should be skills all good soloQ players and teams that grind to climb skill tiers have in their arsenal.

Beginner Tips: Top 10 Heroes to Buy First

Hello, and welcome to the heroes to buy in order list for new players. Most new players ask about which heroes to get, what make them good, and why to buy them. This is a list of recommended heroes to buy first. Although most of this depends on playstyle, we are going to look at flexibility, the current meta, and difficulty to play. It is very important to note that

Breakdown And Analysis of Patch Notes 1.21

  The lack of analysis and breakdown of patch notes is still an issue. But we here at VainRank are dedicated to solving and helping out this issue one patch note at a time In our opinion, the biggest changes you will see are around charge times this patch, so it should have been called Charging Up For Summer’s End.   Link to full patch notes: http://www.vainglorygame.com/vainglorylive/update-1-21-samuel-sales-summer-kestrel/ Samuel The hero

Defensive Mastery: Counterbuilding Basics

Counterbuilding is one of the most important things to learn in Vainglory. While some counterbuilding is left to the roamer it’s good to know what to buy and when as a carry as well, so this is aimed at anyone who wants to stay alive in team fights longer! Atlas Pauldron This is a great item that provides armor and directly counters heroes building lots of attack speed, usually a

Ability Breakdown: Alpha

Searching…Searching….Searching…Winner Found!!! Here it is folks, the most asked for this week was Alpha. Infinite Reboot This perk is actually very well described in the game. A lot of the things to know about it are already written there. When Rebooting starts you will see Alpha’s health bar a slightly darker shade. During this time, you are unable to do anything. Although it is not a long amount of time,

Playing Outside the Box: Roam Taka

Welcome back to “Playing Outside the Box”! Today we are going to discuss roam Taka, why it’s viable and when to use it. Roam Taka was first played in VIPL Season 2, when Gankstars Sirius went up against Ardent Alliance (now TSM). As explained in FlashX’s Roam Taka guide (although outdated, still useful for this  article http://www.vaingloryfire.com/vainglory/guide/1-14-roam-taka-13667 ), Gankstars and Alliance had been practicing with each other very often, and Gankstars

Esports Trainer: Are Scrims And Ranked Matches Enough?

The answer is no. The best training in any area of life always follows the key principles of training*, we will call this the Esports trainer approach: Overload – a skill can only be improved by training more than you normally do. You must work hard. Specificity – training must be matched to the needs of the gaming activity to improve ability in the skills the game requires. Progression –

Ability Breakdown: Glaive

It’s Thursday!! Ability Breakdown time The votes are in, and the winner is Glaive. Hunt The Weak Glaive’s Heroic Perk may seem weak compared to others but it is quite a great perk. The fact that he can cleave in a 4-meter cone in front of him whenever he does a critical strike is amazing. Effect: Attacking in a 4-meter cone means that he can do area of effect(AOE) damage every

Playing Outside the Box: Carry Catherine

Welcome, I am zam970poodle, a new writer for VainRank. In this new series, “Playing Outside the Box”, I will explain why seemingly wierd strategies work, and in what situations to use them. We all have played Catherine as a roamer, because that’s how she is meant to be played. However, recently she has become very popular in the jungle carry role. When I first watched a team draft carry Catherine,

Vainglory Glossary

This is the second edition of the VainRank Glossary of Vainglory terms and vocabulary. This is the slang that you will hear in in-game communication with others and may not understand put together by several players who have played the game since the beginning and provided to the new and old players alike to make sure we are all on the same page. We plan to update this in the