Evil 8 Summer Week 3

See all the stats analysis at vainrank.com/tournament/0111 Nemesis Hydra vs. Hammers Kinetic Nemesis Hydra pick themselves into a corner, but Hammers let themselves get caught out several times, Nemesis wins 4+ turrets in one Kraken push Nemesis Hydra draft a better long range comp, but suffer through out much of the game due to bad positioning. They dominated Every fight in which they abused their longer ranges (while avoiding Vox’s

Off Meta Gaming League

Fellow Vainglory Community We are here because we are excited to tell you about the new league  known as the Off Meta Gaming League. The OMG league is a separate league intended for competitive players from every skill tier. One may ask how could that be possible as the best of the best will just team up with each other. Due to the draft that is held at the beginning