Off The Fold: Phoenix Reborn

There is a weird thing in eSports currently, where after big tournaments the major teams change a lot of their players. Recently the Dota 2 International 6 was held with a giant prize pool of over 22 million dollars. It was the biggest pool in eSports history. Right after, just like what has happened in the past, the teams started mass removing players from their teams. The most popular North American

Off The Fold: Nemesis Titan

Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog. Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? Somehow a team be better at a sport almost makes it feel as though they are less relatable to us, the viewers. We gain ownership of these underdog teams and we are a part of their unbelievable success. Unfortunately, most of the time there isn’t an underdog that comes from behind to win. That’s why they

Off The Fold: Ardent Aurora

In this series we talk about the pro players that made it to the live finals. We will cover each of the 8 teams and their players to help the community get to know more about the best Vainglory players in North America and what the Live Finals is like in person.  Within the Vainglory Community, there are many types of players. There are casual players, high tiered players, people

Vainglory Psychology Part 1: Getting in Your Opponent's Head

This past week, the top 8 teams in each region competed to see what seeding they would end up in going into the live championships. On the NA side of things, TSM was dominating. Going into the second match of the semi-finals, TSM was guaranteed first seed. Their first game in the semi-finals series had been very one-sided, Phoenix only gaining one kill in the entire game. Everyone expected TSM to

Esports Trainer: Are Scrims And Ranked Matches Enough?

The answer is no. The best training in any area of life always follows the key principles of training*, we will call this the Esports trainer approach: Overload – a skill can only be improved by training more than you normally do. You must work hard. Specificity – training must be matched to the needs of the gaming activity to improve ability in the skills the game requires. Progression –

The Vainglorious War: Revealing Team Secret’s Secrets

“…the skilful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field ” – The Art of War, Sun Tzu, 5th BC. In the first edition of ‘The Vainglorious War’ we will examine what Team Secret (TS) does that makes them have one of the best early game phase in the Evil 8,

Evil 8 Summer Week 3

See all the stats analysis at Nemesis Hydra vs. Hammers Kinetic Nemesis Hydra pick themselves into a corner, but Hammers let themselves get caught out several times, Nemesis wins 4+ turrets in one Kraken push Nemesis Hydra draft a better long range comp, but suffer through out much of the game due to bad positioning. They dominated Every fight in which they abused their longer ranges (while avoiding Vox’s

Off Meta Gaming League

Fellow Vainglory Community We are here because we are excited to tell you about the new league  known as the Off Meta Gaming League. The OMG league is a separate league intended for competitive players from every skill tier. One may ask how could that be possible as the best of the best will just team up with each other. Due to the draft that is held at the beginning