Breakdown Of Patch Notes 1.19

Breakdown Of Patch Notes 1.19

One of the biggest missing things in Vainglory was the ability to analyze and truly understand each and every change that occurs in Vainglory every update. SEMC simply listed the changes, and sometimes gives a brief one sentence explanation of why they did it, but never explaining or analyzing in depth the changes that are actually going to happen. Here at VainRank, we will be doing our best to analyze and breakdown each and every time a patch note is released. The first breakdown of patch notes will be of version 1.19.

Link to full patch notes:

The Sunlight System:

The sunlight system was designed to give players more chances of receiving better rewards for being active throughout the season. That meant no matter if you only have the time to play battle royale, you are still rewarded. However, this also implies the ones that are more active essentially are gaining more sunlight as well. In our opinion, the unintended side effect of the sunlight system will be INSTALOCKING. Yes you heard it right, instalocking. Sunlight system rewards the players that play with higher tier skins rather than any other hero. This will lead to a lot more players instalocking the heroes that they have the highest tier skin in order to gain the highest amount of sunlight and gain as much rewards as possible. Play matches to collect Sunlight and level up. Leveling up gives exclusive seasonal skin cards and improves your daily chest. Similar to the rewards you get from quests, you can play games to level up your sunlight, and get progressively bigger rewards. In game, there is a sunlight dial, which shows your sunlight level, and how close you are to the next level. Just a faster way to get skins and buy more heroes!

Ambient Gold:


Whenever anyone kills a minion or monster, a nearby ally within 14 meters earns 75% of the bounty as bonus gold. If two allies are in the radius, then the hero with the lowest net worth earns the ambient gold. This is very critical to how the games will play out in 1.19. Most supports will now start out with an oakheart to keep their health high for the level 2 engages that may occur. The Ironguard contract now has a new positive effect that will be talked about more in-depth below. The Ambient Gold doesn’t seem like a major change at first, but when looking deeper and analyzing it in more depth, it appears to be a massive change. Ambient gold not only changes the fact that roam players no longer require the ironguard contract but they create even more of a reason for roam players to stay in lane as there is a higher amount of gold in lane. With the ambient gold system in place, a roam no longer needs to have aggro before gaining gold. This implies that as long as the roam in 14 meters of the minion that died they will receive the gold payout. The jungler with the most health is recommended to get the hits on the minions. Although higher tiered roams already stayed in lane a lot throughout the match, as the Ironguard Contract provided an increase of net gold in lane, as well as placing more pressure on the enemy laner and making them fall behind in CS farm. The roamers now can do this all without worrying about having or not having aggro. However now the consequence of this change is that since roam will most likely not have the ironguard contract, they will not heal after the minions death. Ambient gold also allows another change in the meta that would allow a hero who is falling behind in gold, or late game junglers to just stay in lane and receive a constant rate of gold from ambient gold while allowing the roamer to go take the jungle. For example, if a krul was being heavily invaded early game and was just unable to farm he could easily go to lane and camp there gaining a massive amount of farm. Nearly 75% of what laners are earning while the roamer can solo the jungle as much as possible. Once Krul would be built up, they can now go back to taking the jungle whenever he sees fit. This favors late game heroes who have difficulty in farming as well as roamers as now the roamers who typically fell behind in levels due to hyper-leveling, now will be able to be the same level if not more as the range of XP that a hero can gain has also increased to 14, the same as the range of the previous ironguard contracts. Ambient gold is a massive change to the game and how the game will be played, not only for roamers but for all heroes and all positions.

New Hero: Lyra

Another roamer?? has entered the Halcyon Fold! Similar to Lance, she isn’t just a roamer. She can also be played as a crystal power warrior. The question remains, will Lyra be a true roamer or another roamer as lance who is actually a better carry than he is a roam? It appears as though Lyra will be extremely squishy even as a roam and a ton of health. The reason is because she has a much lower amount of shield and armor as compared to others. This means rushing aegis as a carry and fountain as a roam will be very key against CP enemies and getting that atlas will be key as well to keeping her alive. Let’s breakdown the basics.

Heroic Perk/Basic Attack:


This has two parts to it, the initial attack (deals 55-90 + 60% CP Crystal Power Damage), and the second attack, which only lands if you stand still in the location of your initial attack (deals 65-175 + 90% CP Crystal Power Damage). The second attack consumes little energy, but you can still use the second attack when you are out of energy. With these CP ratios in her basic attacks she seems like another carry rather than a roam. The ratios will allow her to do massive damage in every aspect of the game whether it be early, middle, or late game. As the game goes on and Lyra builds crystal she will be outputting more and more CP damage especially if you can stand still for a few seconds. Even this time period that requires you to stand still can be decreased by getting attack speed. Another hero that will be rushing Alternating current. But for those asking themselves how hard will it be to get off that second attack, its not hard at all imagine how slow Saw mobility is but yet he can always fire a few attacks before someone leaves his range. Lyra may as well simply by using her abilities much faster than anyone expects her to, by channeling for a short period. Lyra only has to get the first missile to lock on she does not need to move in order to make the second missile hit. The flaw can be if the heroes are highly mobile and get away from Lyra, although the second missile will hit, will it cause her to be distanced too much? The slight flaw to having Lyra channel is that after she channels she has a slightly larger cooldown until her next attack. However even that is very small, which can be lowered with the attack speed items.

Imperial Sigil (A):

IMG_0600 (1)

This ability also has two parts to it. The passive, and the activation.

Passive: After forming the sigil at the target location, it provides healing for your teammates inside of it. (Heal Per Second: 35-110 + 7.5% Bonus Health) (Damage Per Second: 60-260 + 80% CPR Crystal Damage) Also provides vision. The difference between Lyra and Adagio is made slightly evident here as Adagio heals a target whether it be a minion or an ally hero. Lyra on the other hand heals in a target location rather than ally. Any ally in that location is healed. With adagio, when you are near the ally being healed, the enemy is placed on fire. With Lyra the enemy simply takes damage per second. Lyra ability also provide vision, so if your roamer doesnt have any flares and you need vision of a bush you can drop your A, if they arent there well now you know, but if they are there they will be taking damage as long as they stay there, furthermore you can detonate to do more damage as seen below, or even allow your allies to go in and take the heal. The amount that Lyra is capable of healing is not dependent on CP as adagio is but instead is dependent on how much bonus health she has from items. However the sigil lasts for a max of 12 seconds at all levels. If you are a playing against a Lyra and you see her healing the enemy, you can actually walk into the sigil and take away the heal by taking some damage. This implies that there is a unknown maximum limit of heal or damage and they both reduce the max limit. This max limit can be increased by buying health items. With Adagio, the problem was if he went roam, his heal would never get better since it is CP dependent. Lyra works amazingly, that when you buy health items, you can heal more and when you buy CP items, you will do more damage. The question is will this be enough to keep her as a true roam rather than a carry.

Activation: This detonates the sigil, dealing a burst of damage (75-325 + 120% CPR Crystal Damage), and giving allies inside of it a burst heal (50-150 + 15% Bonus Health). All allies in the sigil when detonated also gain a burst of movement speed. Having a must kill hero on your team is great for when all three enemies are in the same radius, and you can heal your ally at the same time. Detonating the ability not only does damage and burst heal but also begins the cooldown of her ability. As when Lyra places the sigil, the ability does not begin to cool down until it detonates either manually or automatically. It will detonate automatically after a small amount of time depending on how many heroes are inside the sigil whether it be enemies or allies. Although the damage is done to enemy minions, passive damage does not work, only burst damage. So if you are using Lyra to clear the wave detonate it as soon as possible. As for the healing of minions, it does not heal whether it be passive or burst heals.

Bright Bulwark (B):


Lyra releases a pulse of magical energy, damaging and applying an 80% decaying slow to surrounding enemies. The affected area then turns into a walled zone of protection that deals the same damage and slow to enemies attempting to cross the borders. Enemies inside the zone are snared (move normally but cannot use movement abilities/items). Enemies attempting to dash into to area will be stopped at the wall. You CAN Reflex Block the snare for enough time to dash out (Sonic Zoom, Merciless Pursuit, Pouncy Fun, etc.). You can only get snared again after initial snare if you attempt to cross the wall. This makes Lyra a great counter to dash-dependent melee heroes, such as Glaive. Essentially this is a gauntlet. A gauntlet that not only keeps heroes in but it’s massively slows them inside it, plus not allowing heroes to escape with their dash abilities while dealing damage. The ability will need to be used somewhat like Adagio’s Ult. Lyra doesn’t jump forward like Ardan when he drops the gauntlet. Instead Lyra releases the pulse making it sound as if the wall will be made with her position as the center. This is a counter to the dive compositions that have become so common. If you have a squishy hero and the enemy has diving heroes the walls created from her B will essentially not allow them to dive in.

Arcane Passage (Ultimate):


Lyra blinks to a target location, leaving a portal at both the beginning and the end of the blink. These portals last for 8.5 seconds, allowing both allies and enemies to move freely between the portals. Upgrading this ability only gives Lyra extra range, and provides a shorter cooldown. Portals are globally visible, portals have NO negative effects like slows or stuns. However, they do give a boost of speed when exiting portal both to allies and enemies. Heroes that are in the middle of a dash or pull will not enter the portals. There are too many ways to use this ability to be able to describe here. This is the time for you to experiment on saving allies by making them through walls.


New Contract Items:

As a general rule of thumb, contracts can no longer be upgraded as previously the IGC would upgrade to a SGB.

Ironguard Contract:


When a nearby ally kills a jungle monster, it heals you and your ally by 75 health each. The change implies that the other heroes around you no longer need to take aggro. As long as they are in range of you they will be healed. However it is key to note that this ONLY applies to jungle monsters. So the heal no longer applies in lane. I believe this item will now be rarely bought as it provides no incentive of gaining gold, since ambient gold always is on. This means the only usefulness will be a heal, which can probably be averaged out by just buying a Oakheart for roams to start with rather than the ironguard contract as the contract will be need to sold later and the oakheart can be upgraded. This allows you to be more gold efficient by not buying the Ironguard Contract.

Range: 14m

Cost: 300

Protector Contract:

Activate: Grants a 120 health barrier to the nearest ally hero for 2 seconds. Recommended when going against an aggressive early game team. The contract has a 5 second cooldown between uses with a max of up to 2 charges and it takes 20 seconds to charge up. This means you will have a mini vanguard every 20 seconds with an interval of 2 seconds rather than the 13 second cooldown of ardan. This will most likely be the meta of the 3 contracts as it provides an amazing amount of utility in the roamers hand to protect their allies whether in jungler helping protect against damage in the first rotation or even in the first fight, or in lane against turret shots/enemy/minion damage.

Range: 8m

Cost: 300

Dragonblood Contract:

IMG_0603 (1)

Activate: After a brief delay, nearby enemy heroes are marked for 3 seconds. The next basic attack from an ally consumes the mark, slowing by 30% for 2s and dealing 75 bonus crystal damage. 15s cooldown. 2 max charges, 40s per charge. This contract sounds as if it could be very helpful for roamers with heroes that are very aggressive. This contract provides no use for the jungle rotation, but provide an extra small amount of damage which may be useful in the early game. In total if both charges are used it deals out 150 damage from the contract alone as a bonus. The best time to use this would be for early invades, however even in early invades it may be possible that the dragonblood contract may not be as useful as the protector contract. This requires further experimentation to determine which will be the new meta.
Range: 4m
Cost: 300 gold

New Utility Items and Reworks:

Stormguard Banner:


Passive: After using an ability, your next 3 basic attacks in the next 6 seconds deal 75 bonus true damage to non-heroes or 20 to heroes. Can only be refreshed once every 6 seconds.
+2.5 Energy Recharge
+150 Energy
Energy Battery (300) + Recipe (800) = 1100


One big key thing that changes in the SGB is the fact that it requires an energy battery to build rather than the IGC. This means that for heroes that use energy like Phinn, and Catherine who always had issues running out of energy, SGB will be a must have for them. However still the SGB may not provide the necessary boost to Phinn as his attack speed is too slow that it can not take the full use out of it. For heroes like Catherine, Lyra, and Lance the SGB may become an amazing item with the new energy changes. Another note is that the SGB has become slightly more expensive.



An upgraded version of the new Stormguard Banner. Deals significant but not overwhelming damage to heroes, but it’s fantastic for quickly taking down objectives.

Passive: After using an ability, your next 4 basic attacks in the next 6 seconds deal 140 bonus true damage to non-heroes or 35 to heroes. Can only be refreshed once every 6 seconds.

+30% Cooldown Speed

+5 Energy Recharge

+200 Energy

+150 Health

Stormguard Banner (1100) + Chronograph (800) + Recipe (300) = 2200

Stormcrown is a new item but requiring a chronograph on top of the stormguard to make it leads to one thinking it will be an even better item for heroes who have excellent kits like Catherine and Phinn or Lance as the cooldown will make their usage of it so much easier allowing them to replace the clockwork items and adding in extra damage not only to heroes but to objectives and minions.Thing to note is that the true damage that is done has always been an addition to the normal basic attack damage previously, perhaps it will be the same now. This would add on another bonus of damage for roamers.

Journey Boots:


Running fast is a lot of fun. Running fast often is even more fun.

Passive movement speed up from 0.5 to 0.6

Cooldown increased from 30 to 60

Passive: Damaging heroes instantly sets the cooldown to 12 seconds if it is above it.

Armor, Shield and Health Regen removed

Health down from 300 to 250

Previously journey boots was an item that every hero avoided like the plague as the cost of 900 gold was just not worth it to have a faster cooldown on the boots. However with the changes now although the cool down has doubled making less of a reason to buy it, the passive may be game changing. The passive allows a hero to instantly lower the cooldown to 12 seconds. This means having the ability to run from a fight with a minimum of 12 seconds that you would need to survive. The likelyness of a non tanky built carry that survives more than 12 seconds is very unlikely if they are going to be taking damage. Most carries are built with an surplus of damage over defense except for few tanky carries like Blackfeather, Krul, etc… Having heroes like this may provide a good usage for it, but for other heroes the passive may still not be enough to buy it especially as it has been further nerfed to lose its provided armor and shield as well as its health lowered. But for heroes like Krul, or Reim, this passive could be very useful as it implies whenever they take a hit they will be able to sprint after their enemy in 12 seconds every time they take a hit. If say Krul is attacking you and you get away, Krul may use the boots to catch up and have it on a 60 second cooldown but if you choose to attack again this would instantly decrease that 60 seconds to 12 seconds once again. This would very drastically punish kiting heroes against heroes that like to stick up close and personal. Althought the journey boots can be useful for some heroes, for the majority the change may not be as drastic or important as the other item changes.

War Treads


These new boots have replaced Warhorn has a team-wide mobility option. If you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to get your team into or out of a fight quickly, War Treads is a perfect purchase.

Activate: Nearby allies Sprint for 2 seconds (60s cooldown).

Passive: +0.4 Movement speed

Passive: Travel Boots

+500 Health

Stormguard passive removed

Travel Boots (1000) + Dragonheart (650) + Recipe 850) = 2500

The biggest change to the item previously known as Warhorn, is the fact that it now requires travel boots to build rather than the stormguard banner. This gives roamers even less of a reason to buy journey boots as the War Treads provide a team wide utility. Nonetheless the fact that it no longer requires stormguard banner is huge because now it open the door to triple Warhorn or now War Treads. Now even carries have a good option of going into War Treads rather than journey boots which will lead to a major change in the meta of War Treads being bought by more than one hero. The utility of War Treads has not changed but has become slightly different. Warhorn granted a 2.75 move speed to all teammates lasting for one second on a 40 second duration. Now it has become 2 seconds on a 60 second cool down. It also gave 400 max health with 15 health regeneration. The health regeneration is gone but the max health is a bit higher. However what remains to be seen is whether or not the War Treads grant the same movement speed to the team of a +2.75 movement speed. So although there is a slight change to its useage, it is still very important for a team to have. Now with the possibility of more than one person having it, it will open to much larger change of the meta to a more MOBILITY ORIENTED META.

Halcyon Chargers:


A powerful new option for both running down your foes or escaping from a pursuer. Halcyon Chargers should easily be able to get you in or out of danger once. Choose this over Journey boots when prioritizing ability usage from cooldown speed.

Activate: Sprint for 3 seconds (50s cooldown).

Passive: +0.5 Movement speed

Passive: Travel Boots

+200 Health

+15% Cooldown Speed

+4 Energy Recharge

+250 Energy

Travel Boots (1000) + Void Battery (700) + Recipe (600) = 2300

The only thing that may hinder the triple War Treads meta is going to be the halcyon chargers. The halcyon chargers provide an enormous sprint of 3 seconds on a 50 second cooldown with a higher passive movement speed then travel boots, but it also gives a great amount of cooldown and energy. This will be a great buy for CP heroes like Celeste/Alpha/Skye. Even more reason for heroes not to buy the journey boots but to rather go for the more powerful Halcyon Chargers.

Flare Gun:


Offering an early game vision option. Pick up a Flare Gun if you plan to constantly track your enemies.

Activate: Fire a Flare at target location. (18s cooldown).

+250 Health

Oakheart (300) + Recipe (300) = 600

The flare gun is the mini contraption that will allow players to use a flare on a 18 second cooldown at a low price of 600 gold. The question remains as to how good a player’s map awareness. If a player’s map awareness is good that he won’t spend over 600 gold on flares throughout the game then this item is not useful at all. 600 gold implies you to have to use 24 flares throughout the match. HOWEVER, it is key to note that since the flare gun will take up a place in the item slots it will be either upgradeable to the still useless Contraption or have to be sold. The reason it has to be sold is because late game when you need the flares more often rather than having it on a 18 second cooldown it would be better to have flares on a 5 second cooldown from just having flares. Although this is a push in the right direction to have more items for players to buy, i don’t believe it is enough for a player to give up an item slot and 600 gold for flares on an 18 second cooldown. In my opinion having single flares and improving your map awareness is much better than having to buy the flare gun. But for players who don’t have that great map awareness just yet it might seem tempting to buy, but even them I would suggest NOT to and to work on building map awareness. It is ok to lose a game if you improve your skills. Go into casuals and improve map awareness and when you have the experience slowly it will build and the flare gun will be less useful.



No longer building out of Stormguard Banner, Contraption now charges a bit faster and offers a bit more defensive power.

Cooldown up from 3 to 5 seconds (18s per charge)

+350 Health

+35% Cooldown Speed

+3 Energy Recharge

Health Regen removed

Stormguard passive removed

New Recipe: Flare Gun (600) + Chronograph (800) + Recipe (700) = 2100

The contraption has become in my opinion less useful than it was before. Previously the contraption granted a charge time of 20 seconds and now it’s 18. Although there is a 2 second cooldown I think it is still too long and doesn’t justify the 700 gold cost for the recipe. If it had become a 5 second charge time perhaps it could have been useful. Perhaps… Furthermore contraption previously granted health regen and damage from stormguard. Now that damage is removed making it less useful but granting a 5% extra cooldown. I still believe that Contraption was bad before and has become worse now.

Item Stat Changes:



Buff duration (in seconds) changed from 6 to 4 for ranged heroes (melee unchanged)

Slow duration (in seconds) lowered from 2.0 (melee) and 0.6 (ranged) to 1.2

Cooldown lowered from 20 to 18 seconds

The buff duration is the period of time after activating shiver steel that it will cause a slow. Ranged heroes now have a slightly nerfed duration but it doesnt seem like a huge change as most players usually activate it as soon as they are about to attack so needing 6 seconds was not a huge issue. Although it says the ranged heroes was also lowered, the way the sentence is written  makes it sound as if it was buffed from .6 to 1.2 seconds of slow. A decreased cool down is also useful but not a huge change or impact but it will allow players to try to want shiversteel more than before. However the usefulness of the item has not changed so it will be good on the same heroes and bad on the same heroes.

Travel Boots


Passive movement speed down from 0.45 to 0.4

Bonus health down from 200 to 100

No longer grants health regen

The changes to travel boots was not so much that people will change the use or how they get it. In fact players may rush travel boots now much faster as it can be upgradeed to amazing items.

Void Battery


Energy recharge per second down from 5 to 4

Recipe cost reduced from 450 to 400

The changes to Void Battery was also not so much that people will change its use but people will be buying it a lot more due to its ability to be used in so many of the new items. Once again no major change of the item or how its used.



Energy recharge per second up from 2.4 to 2.5

A tiny buff only to make all the other items even stronger so chronograph is now slightly better. Once again no major change of the item or how its used.



Energy recharge per second up from 7.4 to 7.5

Recipe cost down from 400 to 350

Although clockwork was buffed by making recharge faster and also having the recipe cost lower is good but it still might not be enough to make it overcome the massive usefulness of the other items utilities. Having other items that provide the same or slightly less cooldown and plus other utilities is much better in my opinion than clockwork and it will be used a lot less.

Eve of Harvest


Recipe cost up from 800 to 850

The only reason it was increased is because the Void Battery went down by 50. So in essence the cost of Eve of Harvest hasn’t changed at all.



Energy recharge per second up from 2.4 to 2.5

The only reason it was increased is because the Chronograph went up by .1. So in essence the recharge has increased by a tiny amount, but nothing that will be changing the item drastically. The item will still be the same just with a small perhaps unnoticeable difference.

Hero Balance Changes:




“Skaarf was applying too much hidden damage with Fan the Flames, so we’re adjusting to make it more clear where the damage is coming from.” —Zekent

Skaarf’s fire-based abilities burn targets for 5 damage per second for 4 seconds. Basic attacks against burning targets instantly deal 3% (+2% of crystal power) of the target’s maximum health as bonus crystal damage.

This damage can critically strike for double damage.

Deals reduced damage to Kraken and structures.


Damage up from 75-120-165-210-300 to 75-125-175-225-325

Damage to minions up from 75-120-165-210-300 to 75-125-175-225-325


Damage up from 50-80-110-140-200 to 80-120-160-200-240

Damage per second up from 25-40-55-70-100 + 100% CP to 40-60-80-100-120 + 140% CP

Slow up from 55% to 60%

Slow while burning up from 30% to 40%


Fixed a bug where Skaarf’s items were silenced while breathing fire

Fixed a bug where Skaarf was invisibly gaining 50 armor and shield while breathing fire

Fortified health up from 150-225-300 to 150-250-350

Skaarf got a HUGE buff this patch most likely enough to throw him to the top of the meta. His perk previously was 2% of max health per stack and now it has become 5 damage per second for 4 seconds with 3% of target max health plus 2% of crystal power. Has roam Skaarf dissapeared? Has Skaarf stacks been taken away from him? Skaarf A got a buff as he goes into mid and late game. His farming ability is also going to be easier with his A damage to minions being slightly higher. The B also got buffed to give him more of an easier curve up as he grows stronger throughout the game as well as helping push the wave as well. Plus the utility of the Slow is much more useful. The question is will the new items that will make energy heroes more powerful, will it be enough to make Skaarf players not hesitate on using their abilities. Previously carry Skaarf players would have to resist from using their B do to the amount of energy it would take. But with all the new energy items perhaps this will change allowing Skaarf to take full potential of his abilities.




Duration changed from 2 seconds (plus crystal ratio) to always 3 seconds

Damage to objectives down from 60% to 40%

Damage down from 160-200-240-280-360 per second to 120-160-200-240-320


Damage to objectives down from 60% to 40%

Although a Skye nerf has been needed for a very long time, this is not the nerf that we have been looking for. This nerf only will slightly make her less attack power on her A but it will still keep her extremely potent hero. Although the duration of the A has been increased by 1 second the crystal ratio of 1% was also taken off. In essence keeping it a steady attack with a set interval will even her out but not nerf her. The base damage going down may make her slightly weaker and nerfed in the early game but because her ratios of 210% are still intact as skye builds items, she will continue to dominate the fold. Once again this is not the nerf you are looking for.



Adagio was a bit too powerful when paired with an attack speed oriented ally.” —Zekent


Only buffs the next 4-4-4-4-6 basic attacks.


Damage changed from 450-750-1050 + 140% CP to 500-900-1300 + 100% CP

This is not the nerf you are looking for. Adagio will still be a key hero in the meta, as his main output of damage was from combining the burn, buff and damage with AC, BM etc. The damage he was outputting has not changed and whether it is 4 or 6 attacjs that are now buffed, the damage he can do it 4-6 is still insane. The only nerf this impacts is the SAW push comp. As previously the buff lasted for 6 seconds and SAW could output so many attacks due to his attack speed. This way the buff on SAW is nerfed to only apply to either 4 or 6 of his attacks. This only makes self buffing more viable. Verse of judgement recieved a slight nerf in CP adagio but a slight buff in roam adagio. Either way the ULT change will not be a huge difference.



“Without the ability to double infuse, we can allow crystal ratios that would have been just an added bonus in previous updates with a Crystal Infusion.” —Zekent


Damage crystal ratio up from 0% to 50%

Base heal crystal ratio up from 0% to 35%


Damage crystal ratio up from 50% to 100%

Krul also recieved a significant CP buff, perhaps because his skin is being released and it will trigger people to buy the skin. But this change will cause Krul to be used a lot more in CP form. Increasing the CP ration of spectral smite to 50% is a huge change but nonetheless the fact that his base heal goes up by 35% is even more crazy. In fact looking it at a CP Krul will have previously max of 140 with a heal/stack of 40 with 20% CP ratio. Adding on top of that a 35% on 140 base heal will make him crazy good at surviving and healing from his CP. Plus the amazing new items that are so much CP friendly giving cooldown reduction and energy will only make him smite a lot more, giving him more health and keeping him alive that much more. CP krul may be on the rise. On top of that even his ULT has recieved a 50% CP ratio bonus in order to help players make a choice on selecting the overdrive for ult. However with Krul A with such great CP ratios of CP damage at 70%, barrier of 350 base with 125 CP ratio and the duration of 2.5 with .2% ratio will be astronomically good to upgrade and max his A and B rather than the C. In 1.18 it was in my opinion better to opt for his ult rather than jut a 100 barrier on a 8 second cooldown with WP krul since CP krul wasnt as viable. But with the new changes CP Krul may once again become the deadly monster that he is.



Ardan recieved both a small nerf to his stun duration and his attack power in late game but his abilities to keep enemies inside the gauntlet is now much better. If Glaive tries to Afterburn out, it wont work anymore. He will be stuck at the wall and be kept inside.



This is not the nerf you were looking for. In fact BF will remain mostly the same as he was before. His early game got a slight buff and his late game evened out a little making him more deadlier then before.




Energy cost down from 40-50-60-70-100 to 40-50-60-70-80


Damage per second up from 35-45-55-65-90 to 40-55-70-85-100


Damage up from 370-495-620 to 375-500-625

On top of the energy items that will be buffing catherine, we have her here as getting even more energy efficient when maxing her A. Although I still believe the utility of maxing B and C is more useful then having 20 less energy cost and a .2 stun duration. The utiltiy gained from her B and C much outweigh the A overdrive. Therefore in my opinion the changes to her is nil. Her B has gotten a slight buff that will cause slightly more damage when enemies are touching the forcefield, and her ULT has got more damage power into it by a very tiny amount just to round out the numbers in my opinion. Nonetheless there wasnt such a big change to Catherine but the item changes may make her a much better pick in this patch possibly. Although fixing her overdrives would have given her a much better shot at being at the top of the meta.



SAW STILL OP BROKEN, the only reason he may drop slightly is because Skaarf his counter got a big buff.


Bug Fixes?



Finally, they fixed the bug where you could track a enemy without vision just by pinging them.  Kraken was nerfed, this is the nerf you did not ask for. Although i am almost certain this happened because of how the War Treads will now function allowing the triple War Treads meta causing kraken to move through the fold so fast would have needed a nerf. Not being able to walk into the jungle shop means there may not be a way to place scout trap there but that’s for the very few roamers who still use scout traps. Especially with another flare buff making them inherently invisible and not globally visible.


I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read what I have written above, and hopefully you will leave all your thoughts, feedback and suggestions below.

Thanking You In Anticipation

Collaboration of: Skillz4Killz and playlover1

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