Breakdown And Analysis of Patch Notes 1.21

Breakdown And Analysis of Patch Notes 1.21


The lack of analysis and breakdown of patch notes is still an issue. But we here at VainRank are dedicated to solving and helping out this issue one patch note at a time In our opinion, the biggest changes you will see are around charge times this patch, so it should have been called Charging Up For Summer’s End.


Link to full patch notes:


IMG_0955The hero who will be forever be known as the child of Lyra and Vox due to how similar his kit is with them.

Samuel is one of the highest skill-capped heroes to play. You need to learn which items work well with him (Eve, Broken Myth, Shatterglass, etc.), and then learn how to use his abilities as effectively as possible. You need to keep Samuel inside his cloud during fights or else you probably aren’t going to win. Anyone who knocks Samuel out of his cloud, or keep Samuel out of the cloud by peeling, will counter him like Glaive, Lance etc…

I do not expect him to be banned or played in every ranked match, but he will be a little on the strong side. He will only seem strong if you play him correctly, but it is playing him correctly that is the hard task. He is strictly a crystal mage, so weapon and utility items will not work with well with Samuel.

Corrupted Genius (Heroic Perk)

IMG_0956Every 6 seconds, Samuel’s next basic attack fires a bolt of dark power at the target, dealing 50-160 (+60% CPR) bonus crystal damage. Samuel then draws the power back to himself, restoring 50-160 health and energy. The restore effects are 25% as effective to non-heroes.

With this perk, Samuel is granted a much stronger basic attack after 6 seconds which is best used against the enemy laner so that you can restore as much health and energy as possible, to keep you alive and full of energy to stay in lane longer to farm and get to the BM that much faster. If timed correctly, this perk can be a great way to out-poke someone.

It is also important to know that Samuel having a movement speed of 3.2, which is lower than most other heroes, means he will need to get boots in order to best make use of his abilities. Although his B has a travel speed of 2.8 when overdriven it becomes 3.4. He has the same amount of move speed as that of Adagio or Petal. With his range being equal to that of Kestrel, he will have a good range for farm and pokes. His base weapon being slightly better than Vox will allow him to be able to farm that much easier and also use his perk to focus on the poke, and use his A to either poke or last hit.

Malice & Verdict (A)

IMG_0959Samuel fires two quick shots from his wands at a target location that impact on the first enemy hit. Samuel CAN moves in between shots. If Samuel is standing inside the field from Drifting Dark, this ability is empowered. While empowered, the shots move faster, travel further, deal additional damage and burst upon impact dealing damage in a small area. In addition, the cooldown for this ability is significantly reduced.


Cooldown: 4-4-4-4-3

Energy cost: 50-60-70-80-90

Range: 10

Damage: 70-100-130-160-220 + 110% CPR

Empowered damage: 80-115-150-185-255 + 130% CPR

Empowered damage to minion: 35-50-65-80-110 + 20% CPR

Although when empowered he can do more damage to minions, I highly recommend avoiding the use of his abilities on minions. Instead if using the Drifting Dark, then don’t waste the abilities on minions, try to focus on using it on an enemy. Try not to use the empowered portion of this ability to help you clear. Instead, focus on timing the Drifting Dark at the right times to make you that much more deadly.

Drifting Dark

IMG_0957Samuel creates a large field of darkness that slowly drifts forward (in the target direction), damaging enemies who stand inside of it. If Samuel also stands inside, he heals for a small amount of each affected target. His A ability also gets empowered.


Cooldown: 20 at all levels

Energy Cost: 120-160-200-240-280

Range of Dark Cloud: 14-18-22-26-34

Travel speed of Dark Cloud: 2.8-2.8-2.8-2.8-3.4

Damage/sec: 40-70-100-130-160 + 10% CPR

Damage to minions: 20-35-50-65-80 + 5% CPR

Heal/sec per target: 2-4-6-8-10 + 10% CPR

Heal/sec per minion: 1-2-3-4-5 + 5% CPR

Samuel is highly reliant on this ability. You will see almost every part of his kit requiring this ability, so if you get knocked out of this ability than you are pretty much done for. However, if you can manage to stay inside and build those BM stacks, it is GG.


IMG_0958After a short delay, Samuel summons a phantasm at the target location, which puts nearby enemies asleep. Enemies who are sleeping are unable to move, act, or use any items. Dealing DIRECT DAMAGE to a sleeping enemy with the ability or basic attack will wake them up.


Cooldown: 90-75-60

Energy Cost: 100-130-160

Damage: 200-325-450 + 100% CPR

Duration of sleep: 2-2.5-3

Some may be confused between the difference between sleep and stun. Sleep means they are practically stunned but they can be awakened if attacked. This is why the duration of sleep is so high. They can be either stunned for 2-3 seconds or less than 1 second. How this ability should be used is to lock down 1-2 heroes for as long as possible while your whole team focuses on one single target and delete them while the other team is sleeping. So being able to time and place this well is crucial. However, keep in mind that it is not that hard to reflex block.


IMG_0964Now that the munions will no longer stutter and will come back to Petal after killing someone, it should make the control over the minions a little easier. Since if someone was running away and the munions were chasing them and managed to kill them they wouldn’t return. This meant after basic attacking the next target it would take the time for those munions to return all the way from where they killed the first enemy. Hopefully, now it will be more fluid and will be easier to manage and control the munions.


The reason the munions are gaining a base health and a small CP ratio in their health is because of the changes to Petal in 1.20. Previously her B and C never cost energy so making new munions was almost never an issue. However, since 1.20, the changes made her have to use energy for every ability, which meant she would not have enough to make more munions as she would run out of energy if she kept having to plant seeds. With the munions being slightly tankier, there will be less of a need to spend so much energy to make more munions.


This ability can now be learned at level 1 because it allows Petal to plant a seed when she activates it and this seed will become a munion. Meaning you will not be required to upgrade Brambleboom Seeds at level 1 anymore. After some testing, we believe that Petals munions have the level 1 base stats even if you upgrade Trampoline at level 1. This ability will allow you to have 2 munions by the time the jungle minions appear and by the time you reach the jungle shop you will obviously have all three. The difference is that in that first Jungle shop you will now have the ability to chase, kite, and you trampoline to get an amplification of 15% CP. If you upgrade the A, it does not allow you to chase or Kite. This means your Level 1 upgrade was quite useless. Some may say that well if you get to level 2 before the jungle shop, then this isn’t an issue. But with the experience distribution changes in 1.20, the meta has come to the point where getting to shop first and forcing a fight where everyone is still level 1 was the best rotation, as it allowed you to have a chance to shop and still have everyone at the same level. Although to some this change might not mean much, to good Petal players, this change will be huge.

Spontaneous Combustion

Although the patch notes say cooldown per charge down, what we believe it means is the charge time is down. The cooldown per charge of this ability is 0.4 seconds per charge. The Charge Time, which is the amount of time that it will take to get the chance to use it at least once will be decreased just slightly to even it out. As the previous numbers actually made the time it took to get 3 charges longer than previously when they all would detonate together. I still don’t believe that this change much regarding maxing this ability. The huge 10% crystal amplification on the overdrive on her B as well as the 2-second cooldown is much better in my opinion than a 5 second faster charge time and slightly more damage and heal. In my opinion, a player who can kite and chase well will benefit a lot more from having Trampoline faster and with more crystal amplification. Keep in mind a clockwork gives 25% CP amplification while Trampoline gives 40% amplification for 4 seconds with a 5-second cooldown.


IMG_0965He got a base health increase overall in all levels because he was too easy to take down in the early game and didn’t have enough health in the late game. However, to my understanding, Blackfeather is an assassin. He is being changed to more of a bruiser/warrior type as he has always been played tanky and just out-sustains the opponents and takes them down after building stacks of Bonesaw, Breaking Point, and Heartthrob. What might have been best being to make a slight heal as Alpha has on basic attacks to allow WP BF to be the warrior inside him, and the CP black feather to be the Assassin in him. Increasing his health slightly is not a huge change. However, the issue BF is having, is that this meta is currently a poke heavy meta with some of the top laners being Vox, Lyra, Adagio, Kestrel, and Ringo. Although, I still found BF to be a great counter to Ringo this patch if BF was not hard countered by an enemy Lyra. These heroes excel at poking which left BF constantly being harassed and out-farmed which prevent him from getting to the late game.

Hearthrob (Heroic Perk)

The 5% additional CP ratio is in the hope to help BF scale his basic attacks to help his farm and output a little more damage when going against enemy heroes. Keep in mind that this is an additional 5% per stack, and BF can have 5 stacks on enemies and objectives. This means in a fight BF will have an additional 75% CP ratio on his basic attacks. The longer BF can survive it will allow him to make his auto attacks stronger. It is important to keep in mind that this 5% increase can actually be a 25% increase from the current BF. Also, this may help BF to use Alternating Current a lot more, even though most CP BF would already get this. Not only does AC help his auto attacks do more damage, but the faster attack speed allowed him to recover his focus faster which allowed him to use On Point much more. Even though this may sound amazing, it is still doubtful for BF to be back in the meta.

On Point

An increase to the WP ratio, will allow him to dish out more damage with his B to enemy heroes but the damage to minions remains at 15%. The damage to minions did get a slight buff in his CP ratio to help BF farm with his On Point, as his basic attacks are not able to do the best amount of damage. Not only because he is not building WP, but on minions, there will be a max of 2 stacks of Heartthrob meaningless amount of basic attack damage from the CP ratio. Although this is helpful to BF, it may not be enough to help bring BF back into the meta.


IMG_0966Although, the last huge change to Koshka was enough to get her played a lot more it was not enough to get her back into the meta, as there were just much better picks and she was still having too much trouble. The health buff is to try and make her a little tankier as she is very squishy but once again, I don’t believe this change will be helping much as she still has too little shield and defense while being made into a sitting duck with her Ultimate. If perhaps she gained some Fortified health during her Ultimate, as well as some better defense, it could help her be a better assassin without getting melted. With the current meta in the jungle being to take your back doubles and front heals and going directly to getting to shop first and then invading to force a level 1 fight. Koshka may become even deadlier in the early game due to her speed, clear speed, and her early game power.  It is possible for me to be very wrong on this, but I believe a lot of people are underestimating how big of an impact these small changes will make on Koshka. Will this change help her get back in the Meta, I doubt it but it will make her a lot better to play and for the Koshka players they will have a good time playing with her now as she may be a very decent pickup. It is important to remember that currently the jungle is dominated by Kestrel, Skye, and Alpha. Koshka early game power can help dominate Alpha as well help avoid Skye and Kestrel abilities by using her perk wisely. It is going to help make good Koshka players deadly as they can keep Alpha from feeding and using Pouncy Fun after Skye uses Suri Strike and just using the perk to get out of the way of the Forward Barrage. Using the empowered stacks and nice CP ratios to melt the squishy Skye. With her Perk, trying to avoid Kestrel Glimmershots will be hard as she has 4 of them and can target in any direction but with a good roam to help body block even keeping Kestrel down may be possible. In the mid-late game, timing the Ultimate to help lock down Kestrel may be just what is needed to win fights. However, she is still lacking in a lot of areas which I am certain will be improved over a few patches.


An extra .5 speed boost may provide her the chance to escape away after she deals some damage. Currently, she had the speed boost of that of 2 Travel Boots which provide +1 passive speed boost. This means now she has almost as much passive speed as having 2 Travel Boots and 1 Journey Boots together every time she activates an ability. Allowing her to have this speed boost for 4 seconds while the maximum amount of time she needs for her abilities to come back up is 8 seconds on her A and 6 seconds on her B. This will allow her to jump in and out of a fight while have 2 empowered basic attacks if you want to stay a second or 2 more to get some more damage out.

Pouncy Fun

Getting a 1 second cooldown on every level as well as a 20% increase in the CP ratio is what will allow her to use her Perk better to be able to have only a 4 second cooldown maximum without this ability. The change to Pouncy Fun and Twirly Death will now possibly be allowing Koshka to take the Level 1 Twirly death but then foucus on Overdriving her A first. With a 2 second lower cooldown and 325 damage increase on her A overdrive, compared to her 1 second lower cooldown and 200 + 150 (bonus damage from 2 empowered attacks) increase. This will possibly make Koska a true assassin of jumping in and out instead of a Bruiser as how she was built. However, she will still need some defense in order to keep her alive in my opinion.

Twirly Death

With a constant 6-second cooldown and a 5-second cooldown on her overdrive, this ability will fall in priority to be Overdriven first. However, it will still need to be taken at level 1. Her empowered stacks were falling off too quickly so they changed it back to 10 seconds. To make it easy to understand now, using B on the back heal will give enough time to have her stacks until she arrives in lane. Also a 4 second cooldown speed boost on her perk means she can continue to run for 4 seconds and still have 6 seconds left with her stacks although most likely one of those stacks are immediately used as soon as you activate Twirly Death. Another should be used as you are running away and they are chasing you or even get away to a bush and let them face-check.


IMG_0967Although, Roam Lyra saw a huge buff last patch, carry Lyra is still a huge threat.

Bright Bulwark

A slight nerf to her B duration without any further cool down, causing her to have to be used much more wisely. This may actually cause her to drop out of the meta in my opinion except if you have the ability to time it correctly. I believe if we see Lyra, we will be seeing more Roam Lyra and less carry Lyra.




This will help Celeste be able to have a better clear, easier time to push the wave and easier ability to farm which will cause her to be able to rotate more. The more rotations will allow her to help dominate the Jungle and Lane. Celeste was a great pick in this meta already and now she just got a little more stronger.



Combat Roll

A small amount of damage is not going to help change anything in my opinion, as most players did not use this to output damage but to reposition and reset the basic attack cool down. So this change will not be affecting anything unlike the other changes in my opinion.


Protector Contract

IMG_0971A 5 second faster charge time will not be big enough in my opinion to help make it have the necessary effect to be able to help in this meta. In fact, what the Protector Contract probably needs to become something useful, is a slight heal possibly that of a potion to grant not only a small barrier but possibly a potion as well to help keep them alive. In my opinion, this will get the Protector Contract to be useful and used much more than having a 5 second faster charge time. We can only hope for next time.

Dragonblood Contract

IMG_0972This may actually prove to be a very good item now with the much lower charge time. The ability to deal a 30% slow and dealing 100 bonus crystal damage at 10s on the second charge in the early game may possibly be a huge thing now as the charge time drops to 25 seconds. Previously with it 40 seconds and death timers being pretty much nonexistant, if the enemy was able to shop and come back after their death you would essentially be have been unable to shop and they would have the chance to fight you without you having enough time to get it to recharge. Now with a 25 second charge time, it may be JUST enough to get it back for the second round of the fight if the enemy re-engages. However, will this be meta? Possibly not because currently the meta is revolved around forcing that fight at level 1. Ardan should take the Vanguard at level 1, Catherine takes the Stormguard at level 1, Phinn takes the Quibble, Lance takes the Impale, Lyra takes the Sigil, Fortress takes Law of the Claw and Adagio takes the either the Buff or heal. Either way at level 1 almost all the time if upgrading as written above you wont have the ability to dive onto an enemy to be able to maximize the potential of this item. At level 2 when you have merciless pursuit or Blood for Blood, Truth of the Tooth, then this could be quite useful as you could dive in. However, if you are able to engage or get them close enough to you then and only then this item may provide some good use in the early game. In my opinion, to fix this item perhaps give it another charge time cooldown and instead of having it activate on the enemy make it activate on the ally and when the ally attacks any enemy hero then they can activate its effect allowing the roams to actually make use of it at level 1.

Serpent Mask

IMG_0973With a slightly better base damage, it will help out those heroes that use this item and need sustain already like Blackfeather and SAW. However, the change is not enough, in my opinion, to make other heroes want to take this item over other damage items.

Bug Fixes/Tiny Improvements:

One of the most important fixes is the ambient gold fix. Currently, when a hero has AoE damage like Celeste. If she were to wisely use her abilities to kill more than one at a time to have her clear time faster than the other heroes were only gaining the gold for one minion. However, now the ambient gold will provide the gold for each and every minion killed. The other important bug fix is allowing Skaarf to use items while he is using his ULT. Bots will no longer buy multiple pairs of boots. Bots will also now be nicer as they will allow you to pick a role and be Off Meta rather than force you to play a position when picking a hero. More quests related to bots, and no more quests for heroes in Ranked mode to prevent Instalocking just for the quest. Yes indeed, they went from a 4th-grader level to a 5th-grader level :D. The other bug fixes aren’t really affecting gameplay as this one does. Since this is the last update before the autumn season make sure to grind that fame, summer chest level, and rank as they will be resetting on Sept. 14th. Also at the end, we see that there will be an Autumn Map change.

Once again I thank everyone for taking the time to read my article. I really appreciate the time that you put to read it and will always love all feedback so that I can make these articles better for everyone. Until next time

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