Beginner Tips: Top 10 Heroes to Buy First

Beginner Tips: Top 10 Heroes to Buy First

Hello, and welcome to the heroes to buy in order list for new players. Most new players ask about which heroes to get, what make them good, and why to buy them. This is a list of recommended heroes to buy first. Although most of this depends on playstyle, we are going to look at flexibility, the current meta, and difficulty to play.

It is very important to note that Ringo, Taka, and Skaarf will not be mentioned because they are the three starting heroes you get from the tutorial.

10 Alpha


What isn’t there to like about her? She has two lives, two gap closers, and a very bursty explosion. She can be used in all roles, lane, jungle, and support. She can build mostly tank and rely on base stats for a good portion of the game, however she does need damage eventually when playing as a carry. Double tier one defense items are common on Alpha with two tier one offense items. She can be played as a sustain carry as WP, and a bursty carry with CP. Her reboot will almost be guaranteed with a lot of defense, making her a very very annoying support. She will teach you how to stick to enemy heroes, as well as active item timing and when to engage fights.

9 Kestrel


One of the better snipers in the game that takes a lot of time to master. However, she is very high in build flexibility and where she can play on the map. She can build WP and CP builds in both the lane and the jungle. She is very good when farmed up, just like most heroes, but can be very hard to snowball with. With time and practice (and a couple of youtube videos), you will love her. She will teach you poking and skill shots, and also repositioning in fights with her Active Camo (B).

8 Glaive


He has the highest base health in the game, and deals a lot of damage to his enemies. Although tanky in health, he lacks in base defensive stats, only having 63 base health and armor. He excels at bursting down when buying tension bow and maxing his Afterburn (A) ability first, and excels are sustain damage when build SorrowBlade first and maxing his Twisted Stroke (B) first. He has many different build paths, including a CP build path that is effective when maxing Afterburn first and building Aftershock. He is also another hero with high base damage, but still needs enough items to deal damage late game and also needs a good deal of defense items as well. He will teach you how to dive into fights, and well as repositioning enemy heroes into an uncomfortable position. This skill will come in handy with other heroes such as Lance and Skye.

7 Celeste


An artillery mage that can spam abilities that do over 500 damage in the mid and late game. This will mainly teach you how to stay back in fights as well as poking, and skill shots. When you master her, you will realize just how strong she is and how fun she is to play. You will most likely forget to buy defense with her at first because of the insane damage she does just 8-11 minutes in when you have overdriven her Heliogenesis (A). She will also teach you how to build items efficiently, meaning, how to have a good balance of offense and defense. So you deal enough damage in fights, and then surviving when people target you. This would also be a good hero to use to learn how to reflex block well, reflex blocks will win you games, so it is great to get good at it early. She will also help learn how to use global skill shots effectively.

6 Koshka


You may be surprised that she isn’t higher up on the list, but because of her recent rework, she is much harder to master, but still a lot of fun to play. It is important to realize that she is an in-and-out assassin, meaning that she isn’t meant to stay in fights for long, and to go for the lower health targets. She has a very reliable 2.2 second lockdown that can change the tide of fights if the target doesn’t use a reflex block. She isn’t very flexible, but she is good when you master, and easy to pick-up. Koshka will help you learn jungle aggressiveness and limitations of heroes in fights.

5 Ardan


Another one of the basic supports to know and love. He is very tanky with great ways to help his team. However, can be very offensive as well. Although he is mainly a support hero, using him as a carry isn’t a bad idea, making him a fairly flexible hero to play.

4 Taka


Easy to learn, hard to master, but a ton of fun to play and mess around with. His abilities are relatively simple, he is very flexible with his build path, and can easily be played to learn to jungle invade. He is the guy to go to if you need practice with jungle/lane rotations, and jungle invades. His X-Retsu (ult) can be hard to control for a little while, but you will get used to his abilities quickly. Note! His heroic perk can be tricky to learn, please read it carefully! It is what makes him the hero he is.

3 Krul


The undead monster, the hero who lies in bushes just to come up and kill you with his Spectral Smite (B). He is very hard to learn, but will also teach you many necessary skills you need to know in the game. He isn’t very flexible with his item builds, however, he can build a very bursty and tanky CP build, dealing massive damage with his Smite. Just like Alpha, he will teach you stickiness, the act of staying close to a hero to deal damage.

2 Catherine


As a new player it is important to make sure you pick up a support in your first three purchases. She is the simplest support in the game, however, can be very hard to master. Given that she has a very reliable stun and silence, she can be used very effectively at the early stages of the game when you are still learning the game. Although she doesn’t have great flexibility, she can be very fun to play and will help you learn new aspects of the game.



SAW. Yes, we do have SAW as the number one hero to get in Vainglory, and most high skill tier players are probably staring blankly at the screen right now. Even though he is set at high difficulty in game, he is currently one of the easiest heroes to learn. He has high build flexibility, however can only be played well in the lane. He does not require as much work to last hit with, which means he can get farmed up really well, even if you are new to the game, and honestly his abilities are not hard to learn at all. Back in 2014, SAW was the first hero I bought in Vainglory, and you fall in love with him quickly as a new player. The most important thing to note about SAW as a new player is that he can be caught out quickly by using suppressing fire in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he has very low movement speed when spun up, but has ridiculously high damage output.

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