Vainglory Psychology Part 1: Getting in Your Opponent's Head

This past week, the top 8 teams in each region competed to see what seeding they would end up in going into the live championships. On the NA side of things, TSM was dominating. Going into the second match of the semi-finals, TSM was guaranteed first seed. Their first game in the semi-finals series had been very one-sided, Phoenix only gaining one kill in the entire game. Everyone expected TSM to

Playing Outside the Box: Roam Taka

Welcome back to “Playing Outside the Box”! Today we are going to discuss roam Taka, why it’s viable and when to use it. Roam Taka was first played in VIPL Season 2, when Gankstars Sirius went up against Ardent Alliance (now TSM). As explained in FlashX’s Roam Taka guide (although outdated, still useful for this  article ), Gankstars and Alliance had been practicing with each other very often, and Gankstars

Playing Outside the Box: Carry Catherine

Welcome, I am zam970poodle, a new writer for VainRank. In this new series, “Playing Outside the Box”, I will explain why seemingly wierd strategies work, and in what situations to use them. We all have played Catherine as a roamer, because that’s how she is meant to be played. However, recently she has become very popular in the jungle carry role. When I first watched a team draft carry Catherine,