Lore for Dummies Part 4 - Kestrel

Kestrel is an elite Stormguard archer, trained to fight since she was a child. She grew up in the slums of a ruined city where the Storm Queen’s power held full sway. The townspeople were kept complacent by heavy taxes, taxes that were eased if the family had a child chosen for the Stormguard. This kept the people under the Storm Queen’s thumb, and made them less likely to rebel.

Lore for Dummies Part 3 - Catherine

Catherine is a bit of an antiheroine in the lore. She rides the line between friend and foe for both the Storm Queen and Ardan’s family. Guilt and betrayal and regret all drive her. Catherine grew up with the Storm Queen and Julia as a childhood friend. She was then trained as a Shield by the Stormguard, the elite personal female warriors of the Queen, and rose to the rank

Lore for Dummies Part 2 - Celeste and Vox

Celeste and Vox are the magical twin children of Ardan and Julia. While they each have very different magics they work together to try to end the war their aunt started. Read the father, of Celeste and Vox, lore for Dummies now Read Now They grew up in hiding until they were eighteen. For their birthday party, however, they grew careless. They climbed to the top of the Carnie Wheel

Lore for Dummies Part 1 - Ardan

Ardan, the sad dad himself. Ardan is where our overviews will begin. He is the father of Vox and Celeste and the widower of Julia, the sister of the Storm Queen. If you’ve been in a draft match you’ll know who the Storm Queen is, because she is the blind woman holding a raven in the background. She is the main villain of the lore. The Storm Queen attacked Ardan