Ability Breakdown: Vox

Ability Breakdown: Vox

This will be a series of understanding abilities starting with Vox and working backwards. Why backwards? Because it’s cool to be Off Meta.


Heroic Perk: Julias Song:


The heroic perk can be broken down into a few different key points to know and understand. It allows Vox to mark any and all enemies in its range with Resonance. Note, Vox’s heroic perk is his only ability with a crystal ratio.

1.) Resonance is just enemies being marked for a small amount of time. It is important to know that the A ability, Sonic Zoom, does not apply Resonance; however, it can refresh and spread Resonance. When Vox uses his B, Pulse, or C, Wait for it, it applies to all the enemies in their respective target areas.

2.) Once Resonance is applied and this marked enemy is attacked with a basic attack, bolts will be produced that will bounce to two nearby enemies. This allows the marked target to be refreshed with Resonance

3.) It adds on 25 base damage(this damage is increased up to a max of 150) + 80% crystal ratio damage. This means when playing Vox as a crystal power carry, the bounce damage will do a huge amount of damage. Note, the bounce damage is not applied to the target being basic attacked. The bounce damage is also decreased by 50% to minions.

The heroic perk allows a crystal power Vox to do an immense amount of damage to multiple targets. As most of his damage, will be coming out of the bounce damage which uses an 80% crystal ratio. On the other hand, a weapon power Vox is someone who can do an immense amount of damage to a single target, with a small amount of bounce damage.

Sonic Zoom


The in-game description says to the nearest enemy, however, in patch notes 1.18 there was a change made to Sonic Zoom that makes it target the last attacked enemy. This is very different as it allows you to target specifically who you want to attack depending on if you are a weapon power Vox or a crystal power Vox. This ability also allows Vox to jump through certain areas of some walls in the map. This can sometimes become crucial, lifesaving or even allow you to make significantly faster rotations. Practicing wall jumps in solo practice mode is very helpful.

A lot of players believe that Sonic Zoom is the main damage dealer on Vox, in fact, the best way to use it is to re-position yourself. The damage can be output through the basic attacks and keep Vox alive with the A.

Overdriving Sonic Zoom gives a great amount of boost to the Weapon damage that Vox can output. It is best to max this ability first as a weapon power Vox and take the overdrive. However, never take the overdrive as a crystal power Vox.

EDIT: Oldskool, one of the best players in Vainglory, pointed out and explained very well that on occasion depending on the team composition, it can be better to max Sonic Zoom on crystal power Vox. The need to max Sonic Zoom is when you are facing an enemy composition, where you need the bounce damage to win the team fights.



This ability allows Vox to send out a pulse and apply resonance with a added on slow, the severity of which is dependent on the distance from Vox. This ability is best used to apply Resonance, and it is best managed to not be used by using just refreshing Resonance with auto attacks. Pulse can also be used when you are trying to kite and the enemy approaches you or your ally and you wish to slow the enemies.

No matter if you are crystal or weapon powered Vox, you should always start with getting Pulse first. You should always take the overdrive on Pulse, no matter if  you are weapon power or crystal power. As a crystal power Vox, Pulse should be the first ability to be maxed.

Wait For It …


This ability fires two waves one after the other. The first wave that applies resonance, shortly after that another wave explodes in the same path, dealing crystal damage and silencing enemies. This also lets Resonance bounce.

This ability is best used once you have the max amount of Broken Myth stacks and the enemies are either grouped up or in a straight line, as it will do an immense amount of damage to all of them.

This ability should only be maxed as a crystal power Vox.

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