Ability Breakdown: Glaive

Ability Breakdown: Glaive

It’s Thursday!! Ability Breakdown time

The votes are in, and the winner is Glaive.

Hunt The Weak

Glaive’s Heroic Perk may seem weak compared to others but it is quite a great perk. The fact that he can cleave in a 4-meter cone in front of him whenever he does a critical strike is amazing.

  1. Effect: Attacking in a 4-meter cone means that he can do area of effect(AOE) damage every time he makes a critical strike.
    1. The AOE damage onto targets not selected when Glaive makes a critical strike will receive less damage than the one who was targeted.
  2. Twisted Stroke(B): Always does critical strikes, so it always makes the perk activate and does AOE damage.
  3. While Farming:
    1. You can use the perk to know whenever you critical hit, you will do AOE damage in front of you, so you can help make farming faster if you gather the minions in front of you.
    2. When using Glaive in the lane, it is important to know that when he critical strikes he will attack multiple minions. This can help clear minions, so try to place yourself in a spot where you can do the maximum amount of damage when doing a critical strike.
  4. While Fighting:
    1. When enemies are clumped up together is when Glaive can output the most amount of damage, as he will attack all of them whenever his perk activates.
    2. Knowing that it attacks in a 4-meter cone when critical striking and his Twisted Stroke(B) always does a critical strike, means you can use it from a short distance away when you are chasing.
  5. Critical Chance items: His perk makes buying critical chance items like Minions Foot, Lucky Strike, Tornado Trigger, and Tyrant’s Monocle very good items. They are amazing because of the synergy with his perk allowing him to do more AOE damage.


IMG_0908This is one of best abilities in the game, in my opinion. It allows Glaive to travel a very large distance, to either run, chase, or go through walls. That’s not even all, it can do so much more.

  1. This ability can be used to start a fight. This is known as initiating. Sometimes initiating with Afterburn can be a good thing but sometimes it can be the worst thing. If you start a fight with Afterburn, you will not be able to use it for 10 seconds. It also means you have dived right into the enemy team, although you pushed one back to your team. Now you are in front of the 2 enemy heroes and the one who was blasted back will be coming back in your direction as best they can and you get collapsed on by 3 heroes. You also lose the ability to disengage or run or chase for 10 seconds. Initiating a fight with Glaive has to be done extremely carefully, and wisely. In low skill tiers, this isn’t as bad, but as you go up the skill tiers and people learn to block the Afterburn. Now you have dived ahead of your team and missed blasting one back. So you are fighting a 3v1 for a while, which can cause you to lose the entire fight, and possibly the game. The times when initiating with Afterburn is good, is when you can actually manage to separate an enemy from their team. This enemy being a squishy carry who will get melted by your team.
  2. Another use of this ability is to run when you are not wanting to fight. There are many ways to do this, you can bait the enemy towards a wall or object on the map where they can not pass through but Glaive can go through. Going through the wall will be the best way to run away from the fight and get to safety. Glaive is one of the few heroes who can go through almost any wall. Make sure to practice in solo mode, to get the hang of going through the walls, so that you can do it in the middle of a fight or game without even questioning if you can go through it.
    1. Another way to run is just getting some distance. The ability will rocket you forward a good distance so you can run. Furthermore, it also gives you a speed boost after you rocket over to get you even faster. It can even be used to knock back someone chasing you and stunning them giving you more time to get away.
  3. Peeling: This means to keep your team alive, by keeping the enemy away whether your team is running or fighting. Sometimes, peeling can keep your team alive. Sometimes, protecting your teammate through the fight at the cost of your own life is what it takes to win the game. This ability allows you to knock back and stun the enemy while maintaining the distance between one of the enemy carries and your team. For example, if the enemy has a Krul who is trying to get close to your Vox. Using this ability to knock him away especially as he gets close to full stacks on his Spectral Smite. Be careful not to peel a ranged enemy carry away from your melee carry.
  4. Timing the knockback: As you go higher in skill tiers, people will learn to block the knockback. They will almost immediately hit the reflex block as most players will almost immediately knockback when they can. Instead timing it when the reflex block runs out if you see that the enemy has already blocked you once is great. Once you afterburn, wait a second if they reflex blocked wait till it runs out to knock them back.
  5. Canceling abilities: This is another great use for this ability. During the channeling time, if enemies are punted, it can cancel their ability. Skaarf can be stopped in the middle of his ultimate, for example. This is great way to use this ability when you know there is an enemy whose ultimate you really need to cancel.
  6. Damage: This ability also does an immense amount of damage, not only in the knock back but does damage to all enemies along the path.
    1. This means if you have two enemies in front of you you can Afterburn through them and damage both, possibly killing one and allowing you to focus on the other.
    2. This also can be a great way to steal minions from enemies in the jungle. However, it is risky as it goes back to the concept of initiating. This is less risky though as most likely the enemy will be farming alone or only a roamer. So if your roamer is with you, this risk is more manageable.

I recommend that this ability second, but getting the overdrive as soon as possible. The utility of Afterburn is just too hard to pass up as well as the cooldown you get from the upgrades.

Twisted Stroke

IMG_0909This ability has something that most other abilities do not possess, a passive portion. As you upgrade this ability the Critical Hit Chance goes up to a whopping 25%. Keep in mind that is more than the Critical Hit Chance you get with a Tornado Trigger. A Tyrant’s Monocle gives a 40% Critical Chance meaning that Twisted stroke is more than 50% of a Tyrant’s Monocle Critical Chance portion when overdriven.

  1. The first important thing to consider about this ability is that it is considered a basic attack. This means it can proc any item effects that use basic attacks. Some of the items that use basic attacks are, Tension Bow, Aftershock, Shiversteel, etc…
    1. Although the in-game description does not mention it, in my experience this ability has always caused Glaive to reset his basic attack. This means if you time it right you can get 3 quick bursts of damage. First, you let Glaive auto-attack. Then you use the ability right away which will cause a basic attack and reset it so you automatically do another quick auto-attack. Being able to deal 3 quick burst of basic attack damage.
      1. Furthermore, it is very crucial to remember that in a fight if you position correctly, you may land 3 AOE hits in a 4-meter cone, due to his perk and high crit chance. Especially, as you build more critical chance items.
      2. Even further into this ability, although it is very hard for me personally to do, I have witnessed many players being able to time this ability so that it does damage WHILE the opponent is being knocked back from Afterburn. The way to get it to work, is Afterburn, punt enemy back but VERY QUICKLY use Twisted Stroke. Since it attacks, in a 4-meter cone always, you can actually do damage while they are being sent backward.
  2. This ability always does a critical hit, meaning you can always do damage in a 4-meter cone because of the Heroic Perk.
    1. The fact that it always attacks in a 4-meter cone means if someone is running away and you don’t have Afterburn up, then Twisted Stroke may just reach and finish them off.
  3. There are 3 different points of damage in this ability.
    1. The basic attack damage
    2. Cleave damage, which is the amount of damage done to the non-targeted enemies in the 4-meter cone as this will always be a critical hit.
    3. Finally is the crystal damage portion of this ability. If you build crystal power, you can actually do crystal damage.
  4. When in lane Farming, this ability is a great way to get the last hit if you aren’t sure you will be able to get it. It also allows you to get the last hit from a 4-meter distance if the enemy is poked heavy.

I recommend upgrading this ability first, and taking the overdrive second.


IMG_0910Once again, Glaive’s ultimate has both an active and a passive portion.

  1. This ability to get Bloodsong stacks whenever you basic attack or even receiving basic attacks is amazing.
    1. These passive Bloodsong stacks allow glaive to have a bonus .9% lifesteal per stack. This means at 20 stacks you are gaining 18% lifesteal whenever you attack. A Serpent Mask does 25% life steal. This ability gives nearly the same amount of lifesteal that a Serpent Mask does at level 1.
    2. These stacks are crucial to remember as they can help maintain a good amount of health while farming, in jungle or lane.
    3. The passive can also help keep you alive in a fight as you gain stacks although you may not beat the king of lifesteal, Krul. The fact is it provides a great amount of lifesteal that makes it such an amazing ability. Add that on to Glaive’s huge amount of base health allowing him to survive even longer.
  2. The active portion of the ability does damage in a 5.4-meter circle dealing damage depending on how many stacks you have. It also resets the stack.
    1. First and foremost the important thing to remember about this ability is that you CAN miss. With Twisted Stroke, you can never miss while they are running away because in order to use the ability you need to have locked on a target within range. This is why with Twisted Stroke while chasing it is very understandable to repeatedly tap on the ability. However, with Bloodsong, the active portion does not require you to have a target locked on. All it requires is for you to tap on it once. It will do damage in a 5.4-meter circle, meaning it is very important to learn and memorize the distance into your memory.
    2. The more stacks you have the more damage you can do. The ability always does a certain amount of damage, but it adds on damage based on how many stacks you possess. The key thing to remember is that the base damage and the damage/stack has a crystal ratio. However, in my opinion, Glaive’s kit revolves too strongly around basic attacks and this is why he will most likely always be a better WP carry.

I recommend taking this ability at level 6, but not taking the upgrade. In my opinion and understanding, the usefulness of the other 2 overdrives outweighs the overdrive on this ability is only a 5 additional damage per stack + 100 base damage, meaning a maximum of 200 damage.


I apologize for the delay of this article. The issue is that although Glaive’s ability may appear simple, they are in fact very hard to understanding and very intricate in its tiniest portions. The usefulness and differents uses of each ability are what makes it so hard to explain. I hope it was done well enough, to help as many players as possible. Once again I love all feedback, and also please let me know which hero you would like the next Ability Breakdown Article to be on. Until next time!


  1. Great job, Skillz. You talked about pretty much everything about his abilities, every nook and cranny. Well written… Let’s see an alpha ability breakdown next week?


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