Ability Breakdown: Celeste

Ability Breakdown: Celeste

Do you know what day it is? It’s Thursday. That means it’s ability breakdown time. The most requested hero for the second edition of Ability Breakdown was Celeste. SHOCKER!!!


Julia’s Light

Celeste’s heroic perk can be broken down into 2 different parts to understand easily.

  1. Whenever Celeste basic attacks, she deals the base damage of 65-115 + a 75% crystal ratio. This part of the perk allows Celeste to actually be one of the few heroes whose auto attack damage can be made stronger by building crystal power. Normally when a hero builds crystal, their abilities get stronger but their auto attack damage stays the same.
  2. The second part of the perk allows you to grant vision to your entire team for anyone who has been auto attacked. The in-game description says it reveals the enemy hero for 1.5 seconds; however, it can actually be more than that . Remember Celeste’s auto attack is very slow, so even when you lose vision the auto attack will follow the enemy and due to its slow projectile speed, it can take a while to hit the enemy. All this time the projectile can actually grant vision even if you can’t see the hero you can know which way they are moving. Once it hits, then an for 1.5 seconds the target will be revealed on the map just like when they walk over a scout trap and have that little red mark above their character.



This is an insanely overpowered ability, for the simple fact that it is a skill shot. But it might be the easiest skill shot in the game to land.

  1. Heliogenesis allows Celeste to create a star that will stay on the field for a few seconds. If another star is placed on top of it, it creates an explosion affects a larger area.
    1. This explosion does extra damage and makes the stars disappear.
    2. Both the initial and secondary heliogenesis have area of effect damage meaning they can attack more than 1 target.
    3. While farming this is key to understand to help manage your energy. You can use basic attacks to attack the minion which is not taking damage from minions and let the minions bring the front one to its last hit. At this point dropping one star will allow you to take both of them with one hit.
  2. It is also important to know that this ability takes a short amount of time to actually land so dropping one on top of a target is not always the best choice as most enemies will continuously move. It is best to drop a star in front of the player so by the time they reach that area the star will land and damage the target.
  3. It is not certain why this is not mentioned in-game, but a hidden portion of Celeste Heliogenesis is that when a star is dropped in a bush it grants vision for the time it lingers. This is an excellent way to use the ability, as it is a practically a flare every 1.2 seconds that does an immense amount of damage if someone is hiding in that bush.
  4. The range increases greatly when overdriven, which can make Celeste extremely dangerous at level 8.

I recommend starting out by upgrading this ability first and also taking the overdrive as soon as possible.

Besides all this, the most important question that no one can ever figure out is. what is the plural form of Heliogenesis? Heliogenesi or Heliogenesises?

Core Collapse


Core Collapse is an area of effect stun, meaning it can stun more than one target while doing a good amount of damage.

  1. This ability is also a skill shot, as it also has a brief delay before activating and it must be placed in the right location. Just as it was mentioned for Heliogenesis, targets don’t normally stand still so it is a good idea to use it slightly ahead of the direction they are moving towards.
  2. The way and time to use Core Collapse are only limited to the imagination and mechanical skills of the players. There are too many different uses to describe, as it should be used differently against specific heroes.
  3. The stun duration is increased by .5 seconds when this ability is overdriven. The overdrive also grants a 3-second faster cooldown and 150 base damage increase.

I recommend upgrading this ability at level 2 and taking the overdrive second.

Solar Storm


One of the few global ultimates in the game, meaning this ability can travel from one side of the map to the other side, unlike most other ultimates.

  1. Every upgrade to Solar Storm grants 2 extra stars making it easier to land and also doing slightly more damage. However, it is important to know that the stars only damage the first enemy they hit and dealing some area of effect damage.
  2. I recommend only using Solar Storm when you have 5 broken myth stacks and the enemy team is all grouped together.

I recommend upgrading this ability when available but not taking the overdrive, as the overdrive on this ability only reduces cooldown by 5 seconds, additional 25 damage to lead star and 10 damage to additional stars. It is easier to miss her ultimate with 3 stars but with 5 stars, you will land it most of the time and having the additional 2 stars may not be very useful as compared to the enormous amount of benefits granted by the overdrives on both Heliogenesis and Core Collapse.

I loved all the feedback on the Vox article, and I would very much appreciate all the feedback on all the articles. Once again, please do let me know which hero you would like done for next week. Until next time 🙂

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