Ability Breakdown: Alpha

Ability Breakdown: Alpha

Searching…Searching….Searching…Winner Found!!! Here it is folks, the most asked for this week was Alpha.

Infinite Reboot

This perk is actually very well described in the game. A lot of the things to know about it are already written there.

  1. When Rebooting starts you will see Alpha’s health bar a slightly darker shade. During this time, you are unable to do anything. Although it is not a long amount of time, in the middle of a fight the time to reboot seems like forever when you are Alpha and when you’re fighting Alpha feels too short. 🙂
  2. The cooldown for this Perk is displayed as her energy bar. At this point in time, she is the only hero who possesses a whiteish energy bar. Normally, energy bars are blueish, or yellow. Blue represents mana, while yellow can represent many things like Focus or Vengence. White is unique for Alpha.
    1. Why is this important? Because it means unlike heroes who require energy since their mana can run out, or Focus/Vengeance requiring to be built to use their abilities, Alpha does not. She can use her abilities whenever she wants without worrying about anything but cooldown. All she needs is her ability able to be used and she can use it.
      1. This begs the question, I have never been able to figure out. What happens when you buy energy items on Alpha? Does her Reboot take more time? Doubtful!! But is it useless? Does it provide any sort of benefit of buying a Void Battery?
  3. The interesting thing about this Perk is that it can actually be made on a shorter cooldown by buying Cooldown items as well as Upgrading her Ultimate.

Prime Directive


  1. Allows you to travel through almost anything as long as a valid target is locked on and goes onto the opposite side of that target. This means you can go through any walls but not Turrets, Kraken, Miners, or Jungle minions. These are considered valid targets and Alpha will activate it on the first valid target in the area.
    1. The ability to go through walls means not only can you increase your clear time by using it across the wall but also use it to run away from a fight.
    2. It can also be used to chase if someone is running away you can use it over the wall and get on the other side ahead of them.
    3. Another great way to use this ability is while you are using your Ultimate. Once you start it, most players will start to run away from you, however, using this ability will bring you right next to them when you explode.
  2. Stacks do a lot of damage and this ability removes the negative effects. Not only does it do damage to the target but to an area as well. Going into a fight with 3 stacks is almost always going to get you the victory. The overdrive grants 120 damage per stack. With 3 stacks, you can do 360 damage. Also removing the health cost it takes to use Core Charge once this is activated.
    1. You will notice Alpha has 2 icons in-game above your items in the bottom left-hand corner. She will get these 2 as soon as she uses her Core Charge. One represents the current number of core charge stacks she has. This one will disappear once she uses Prime Directive. The other stack represents the health stacks. This will not disappear when she uses Prime Directive. These stacks do have a short cooldown where they go to 0 quickly but it is enough amount of time to reach the next jungle minion so always try to keep stacks up to do damage.
  3. Save your A until you have 3 core charge stacks to do maximum damage. You can use it if you are certain you can kill someone without the stacks. Try to avoid using it as a face-check or initiator because it may take you very far from your team and be left in a bad position.
  4. Ganking!! That’s right the ability to Gank is amazing because of the slow that it provides. Not only to you end up next to the enemy but they are slowed so your whole team can jump on the enemy while they are slowed and delete them.

EDIT: Please note that previously when opponents reflex blocked this ability it was canceled. Now, you still dive in and do less damage without the slow. Thank you for catching this VGFierte. 🙂

I recommend taking this ability at Level 2 and taking the overdrive second. Depending on the build you may choose not to take the overdrive on this ability. For example, if you are going for max damage on her ULT and building cooldown so you can ULT more. However, if you are building WP then the ability to chase, slow, and damage is much better on overdriving Prime Directive.

Core Charge


  1. Landing a basic attack whenever using this ability grants 2 additional amazing features to this ability. Not only does it allow you to proc and basic attack items like Tension Bow, or Aftershock, but it also in my experience resets your basic attack.
    1. The resetting of a basic attack means you can get off 3 consecutive basic attacks worth of damage. To achieve this, first auto-attack, then immediately use the ability, which will reset the basic attack and allow you to quickly auto-attack.
      1. The fact that basic attacks help make the cooldown faster, allows this combination to deal a lot of damage. Once overdriven, this ability has a 4-second cooldown, so once you activate it and do a basic attack it will cause it to cool down another second allowing you to use it faster giving you more chances to do 3 consecutive basic attacks with more damage now due to an extra stack of Core Charge.
  2. Whenever using this ability it gives alpha 1 stack up to a maximum of 3 stacks.
    1. The higher number of stacks requires more percentage of your health to activate but it also grants a small amount of heal per stack on basic attacks.
    2. Stacks last for 5.5 seconds; however, they are refreshed by using Core Charge or by doing basic attacks.
  3. Gap closer. This is Alpha’s second ability that allows her to chase a target and instantly get close to them. This is another great ability to be used when using your Ultimate as explained above for Prime Directive.
  4. The AoE damage from this ability is crystal damage in a small area whenever using this ability. This is why Alpha has a great clear as all her abilities have AoE damage.

I recommend taking the upgrade for this ability at level 1 and taking the Overdrive as soon as possible.

Termination Protocol


  1. When activating this ability, it grants you a barrier.
    1. This means when you think you are going to die soon, activate it and your granted a barrier so you can choose to survive a little longer and either do damage to them or run away to safety.
      1. You can damage to them by staying close them, as you will gain a bit of movement speed when activating it, plus you are still able to use Prime Directive and Core Charge to dash towards the enemies causing damage.
      2. However, you can also use this as an escape if necessary to get to a place where you won’t be killed before you reboot.
    2. Upgrading this ability means you can make the cooldown 10 seconds faster per upgrade. This means once you have been killed or used this ability, your energy bar will replenish much faster. The cooldown of this ability is equal to the time left for Alpha to regain her Perk.
    3. As a weapon power Alpha, I would recommend using this as a last resort and using it primarily as a defensive maneuver to run away so that you can revive and fight again. Unless you are certain the damage will be able to take out one of the enemy heroes. However, as a CP Alpha, I recommend using this offensively, once you have a small amount of life DIVE in and use it as a damage source.

I recommend taking the upgrade whenever possible but only taking the overdrive, depending on your build and playstyle. Alpha can be played in many different unique ways and depending on your playstyle you may or may not wish to take the Overdrive. I personally always take the Overdrive on A rather than the Ultimate.

Thank you all for taking the time to read. As always, I love any and all feedback so please help me make this as best it can be. Let me know what hero you would like for the next edition of Ability Breakdown. Currently, in the lead is Taka. Until next time 🙂

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